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Name Code Type
A2B Progamme NO_MODULE_CODE_663 Module
Academic Langauge and Learning for Bilingual Learners 11-07850 Module
Academic Research and Professional Skills (11 21282) 11-21282 Module
Academic Skills (11 20499) 11-20499 Module
An Introduction to Academic Studies in Education 11-29094 Module
An Introduction to Counselling Skills NO_MODULE_CODE_2183 Module
Analysing Research (11 26294 ) 11-26294 Module
Anti-oppressive practice 1: introduction and social class NO_MODULE_CODE_27 Module
Anti-oppressive practice 2: gender and ethnicity NO_MODULE_CODE_897 Module
Anti-oppressive practice: ethnicity NO_MODULE_CODE_6559 Module
Anti-oppressive practice: gender NO_MODULE_CODE_4487 Module
Assessment Module NO_MODULE_CODE_11497 Module
Assessment of Health Professionals 11-19881 Module
Assessment of Health Professionals 11-26055 Module
Assessment through teaching NO_MODULE_CODE_3338 Module
Audiology 11-05501 Module
Autism NO_MODULE_CODE_12913 Module
Autism (Adults) NO_MODULE_CODE_1548 Module
Autism (Children) Campus-taught NO_MODULE_CODE_78 Module
Autism (Children) Distance Courses NO_MODULE_CODE_13989 Module
Autism (Children) Distance Courses: Curriculum Approaches 11-11470_11-05505 Module
Autism (Children) Distance Courses: SEN of Children with Autism 11-11475_11-05542 Module
Autism Children DE Special Studies NO_MODULE_CODE_8877 Module
BA Education Programmes Dissertation Module 11_19037 Module
Bilingualism in Education Dissertation - DL 11-13480 Module
BPhil Resource List - How to do your BPhil Dissertation NO_MODULE_CODE_1559 Module
CCE Teaching & Learning in Schools (11 22704 ) 11-22704 Module
Challenging Behaviour - Autism Children DE NO_MODULE_CODE_174 Module
Changing Behaviours: a history 11-27408 Module
Character education interventions in schools and organisations 11-28593 Module
Child and Adolescent Mental Health NO_MODULE_CODE_1575 Module
Childhood, Culture & Education Year 1 Introduction to Psychology & Development (11 21513) 11-21513 Module
Childhood, Culture & Education Year 1 Introduction to Special Educational Needs (11 24484) 11-24484 Module
Childhood, Culture & Education Year 1 Schooling (11 19249) 11-19249 Module
Childhood, Culture & Education Year 2 Child Development (11 17258) 11-17258 Module
Childhood, Culture & Education Year 3 Children as Citizens (11 19038) 11-19038 Module
Childhood, Culture and Education Year 3 Cultural Psychology (11 19292) 11-19292 Module
Communicative language teaching, syllabus design and assessment 11-05492 Module
Comparative Education (11 21514) 11-21514 Module
Contemporary Issues in Education (11 21573) 11-21573 Module
Cross-Cultural Issues in SEND 11-26297 Module
Cultural Psychology and Child Development (11 29292) 11-29292 Module
Curriculum and Approaches for Children with Autism (11 21414; 11 21402) 11-21414 Module
Curriculum and Approaches for Pupils with Autism (Campus) 11-21414_11-21402 Module
Developing and Sustaining a Curriculum for Health Professionals 11-19854 Module
Developing and Sustaining a Curriculum for Health Professionals 11-26051 Module
Developing Innovations 11_30497 Module
Development of Deaf and Hearing - Impaired Children 11-05484 Module
Dissertation (11 19037) 11-19037 Module
Dissertation Education for Health Professionals 11-23192 Module
Dyslexia in multi/bilingual FL/SL/AL environments NO_MODULE_CODE_7878 Module
Education - Special studies (11 05605 and 11 11485) 11-05605_11-11485 Module
Education and Provision for learners with Multi-sensory impairment 11-11527_11-5632 Module
Education as an International Issue 11-20807 Module
Education Policy and Improving Schools NO_MODULE_CODE_7864 Module
Education Practical Teaching Materials (Dubai) NO_MODULE_CODE_5599 Module
Educational Management of Deaf and Hearing Pupils 11-05613 Module
Educational Observation, Evaluation And Supervision ( 11-23701 Module
Educational Policy and Social Justice (11 23841) 11-23841 Module
Enhancing Quality NO_MODULE_CODE_4878 Module
Equality and Diversity: Children, Families and Society (11 19247) 11-19247 Module
Exploring Autistic Spectrum Disorders (11 21520) 11-21520 Module
Exploring Disability and Inclusion (11 25219 ) 11-25219 Module
Factor Analysis 08-21874 Module
Gender and Education (12 21564) 12-21564 Module
General Primary/ Early Years Reading Assignment NO_MODULE_CODE_5567 Module
Global education: Issues, Opportunities, Futures (11 25196 ) 11-25196 Module
History and Politics of Character Education 11-29370 Module
Human Rights, Citizenship and the Environment 11-05510 Module
Identification and assessment for literacy difficulties/dyslexia NO_MODULE_CODE_6565 Module
Identity, Politics and Everyday Life 11-26284 Module
Improving classroom achievement NO_MODULE_CODE_462 Module
Inclusion of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism Children DE) NO_MODULE_CODE_628 Module
Inclusion: Individual and group differences (DL) 11-30497 Module
Inclusive practice with autistic adults NO_MODULE_CODE_8637 Module
Initial Teacher Education Mentors NO_MODULE_CODE_684 Module
International Studies in Education NO_MODULE_CODE_2248 Module
Intervention and Curriculum management for dyslexia/literacy difficulties 11-25727 Module
Introduction NO_MODULE_CODE_540 Module
Introduction to Bilingualism and Special Needs 11-05675 Module
Introduction to Bilingualism in Education 11-05664 Module
Introduction to Language and Society (11 19260) 11-19260 Module
Introduction to Philosophy of Social Research 08-27034 Module
ITE Modern Languages NO_MODULE_CODE_9434 Module
Key Perspectives on Dyslexia – The Graduated Approach 11-29706 Module
Language and Communication in deaf and hearing-impaired pupils 11-05561 Module
Language in Development NO_MODULE_CODE_1564 Module
Language, Discourse and Society 11-05598 Module
Language, Gender and Sexuality (09 12873) 09-12873 Module
Language, Literacies and Dyslexia NO_MODULE_CODE_11953 Module
Leadership Enquiry 11-16318 Module
Leadership for School Improvement: Semester 2 (11 11496/11 05668) 11-11496 Module
Leadership in Character Education NO_MODULE_CODE_9998 Module
LM Coordinating provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities 11-23686 Module
LM Language and Literacies in Development 11-25725 Module
MA Character Education NO_MODULE_1482 Module
MA Character Education Dissertation NO_MODULE_CODE_8854 Module
MA Teaching Studies NO_MODULE_CODE_295 Module
Making Culture: New Ways of Reading Things (11 25412 ) 11-25412 Module
Management and Leadership in EAL 11-19490 Module
Management of Special Needs in Developing Countries NO_MODULE_CODE_6647 Module
Managing the Curriculum NO_MODULE_CODE_1562 Module
Maria Reraki - Research NO_MODULE_CODE_4552 Module
Maths in PGCE Primary and PGCE Early Years NO_MODULE_CODE_1705 Module
Mental Health – Whole School Approaches NO_MODULE_CODE_3375 Module
Motivational Interviewing NO_MODULE_CODE_5547 Module
MSI Core NO_MODULE_CODE_2278 Module
MSI special studies NO_MODULE_CODE_8855 Module
Multi-sensory Impairment - causes and implications (H level and M level) 11-11516_11-05498 Module
Multi-sensory Impairment - Communications 11-11534_11-05718 Module
Multi-sensory Impairment - Communications 11-11526_11-05603 Module
Pedagogy and curriculum NO_MODULE_CODE_1245 Module
Personal and Professional Skills in Educational Management 11-20724 Module
Perspectives on Childhood (19246) 19246 Module
PG Dip Ed Science NO_MODULE_CODE_2193 Module
PG Dip Ed Secondary Science NO_MODULE_CODE_1453 Module
PG DipEd (QTS) Science NO_MODULE_CODE_347 Module
PG DipEd Early Years English NO_MODULE_CODE_3007 Module
PG DipEd General Primary English NO_MODULE_CODE_6009 Module
PGCE (QTS) School Direct - Primary and Primary Sen - Course Handbook 2016/2017 NO_MODULE_CODE_561 Module
PGCE Primary Education (Dubai Campus) NO_MODULE_CODE_6667 Module
PGCE Primary English NO_MODULE_CODE_10151 Module
PGCE Science: Physics NO_MODULE_CODE_1540 Module
PGCE Secondary (Dubai) Assignment 1 NO_MODULE_CODE_3357 Module
PGCE Secondary (Dubai) Assignment 2 NO_MODULE_CODE_3348 Module
PGCE Secondary English Education (Dubai Campus) NO_MODULE_CODE_3005 Module
PGCE Secondary Mathematics Education (Dubai Campus) NO_MODULE_CODE_6666 Module
PGCE Secondary Science Education (Dubai Campus) NO_MODULE_CODE_1005 Module
PGDipED / ITE (Initial Teacher Education) Pre-Course Skills Test NO_MODULE_CODE_5688 Module
PGDipEd Geography NO_MODULE_CODE_780 Module
PGDipEd in mathematics NO_MODULE_CODE_1459 Module
PGDipED Physical Education NO_MODULE_CODE_1464 Module
PGDipEd Religious Education NO_MODULE_CODE_777 Module
PGDipEd Science NO_MODULE_CODE_9955 Module
PGDipEd Secondary English SSS1 Module
PGDipEd Secondary ML NO_MODULE_CODE_4837 Module
PGDipEd Secondary Physics NO_MODULE_CODE_5444 Module
PGDipEd Whole School Issues NO_MODULE_CODE_3345 Module
PGDipEd Whole School Issues NO_MODULE_CODE_778 Module
PGDipEd- History NO_MODULE_CODE_4427 Module
Philosophy of Education (11 26283) 11-26283 Module
Placement (11 19255) 11-19255 Module
Placements NO_MODULE_CODE_11486 Module
Postgraduate Certificate of Education for Health Professionals LVL-11498 Level
Postgraduate Diploma Primary Education (PGCE Advanced) NO_MODULE_CODE_1541 Module
Postgraduate Diploma Primary Education (PGCE Advanced) - General Primary and Early Years - Science Module NO_MODULE_CODE_9471 Module
Practitioner Inquiry in Education 11-07916 Module
Practitioner Inquiry in Education NO_MODULE_CODE_5433 Module
Practitioner Inquiry in Education NO_MODULE_CODE_9671 Module
Practitioner inquiry in education (PIE) 11_21410 Module
Primary and Early Years Mathematics NO_MODULE_CODE_387 Module
Professional contexts and the strategic role of the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO): policy and procedures 11-23685 Module
Project in Education for Health Professionals 11-21554 Module
Provisions and Practices (11 21416 ) 11-21416 Module
Psychology in Professional Practice NO_MODULE_CODE_3378 Module
Questionnaire Design 08-25453 Module
Reading Assignment Dubai NO_MODULE_CODE_2249 Module
Reflective Practice NO_MODULE_CODE_5588 Module
Research Methods (11186) 11186 Module
Research Methods in Character Education 11-28594 Module
Researching Childhood and Education 11-20579 Module
Researching Education 11-21410 Module
Researching Education for Health Professionals (11 21553 ) 11-21553 Module
Review Education for Health Professionals (11 24244) 11-24244 Module
Reviewing Education for Health Professionals 11_24244 Module
School Direct Primary English NO_MODULE_CODE_4037 Module
Science in PG Dip Ed Primary/Early Years NO_MODULE_CODE_1458 Module
SEBD Improving Classroom Achievement (11 11524/11 05554) 11-11524_11-05554 Module
Second Language Learning 11-05639 Module
Secondary PGCE (SD) NO_MODULE_CODE_548 Module
SEN Module (Schools Direct) NO_MODULE_CODE_13193 Module
Severe Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties NO_MODULE_CODE_125 Module
Severe Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (SPMLD) NO_MODULE_CODE_6664 Module
Social Psychology (11 20395) 11-20395 Module
Solution Focused Brief Therapy NO_MODULE_CODE_3390 Module
Special Educational Needs of Children with Autism (11 21421; 11 21427) 11-21421 Module
Speech and Language Difficulties NO_MODULE_CODE_1561 Module
Teaching and Learning DTE NO_MODULE_CODE_2119 Module
Teaching and Learning in EAL 11-19148 Module
Teaching and Learning Module 11-11476 Module
TEL/Computing in PG Dip Ed Primary/Early Years NO_MODULE_CODE_9337 Module
The Virtuous Practioner NO_MODULE_CODE_2228 Module
Theories of Character, virtue and flourishing 11-28595 Module
Understanding School Improvement NO_MODULE_CODE_5559 Module
Using Evidence in School Improvement NO_MODULE_CODE_3367 Module
Visual Impairment (11 18270, 11 18269, 11 18271, 11 18273, 11 11459, 11 18272 ) 11-18270 Module
Whole School Issues, PGDipED Secondary NO_MODULE_CODE_648 Module
Year 1 Skills Development (11 20538) 11-20538 Module
Year 1 Theories of Education and Learning (11 19023) 11-19023 Module
Year 2 Child Development NO-MODULE_CODE_248 Module
Year 2 Childrens Literature (11 21284) 11-21284 Module
Year 2 Grammar, Text and Discourse (11 19263) 11-19263 Module
Year 2 Modernism and Modernity (11 19262) 11-19262 Module
Year 2 Movements in British Poetry (11 21151) 11-21151 Module
Year 2 Placement (09 12847) 09-12847 Module
Year 2 Research Methods (11 19264) 11-19264 Module
Year 3 Contemporary Cinema and Postmodernism (09 17103) 09-17103 Module
Year 3 English in Education (11 19290) 11-19290 Module
Year 3 Post Colonial Literature (09 17096) 09-17096 Module

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Title Academic year Last updated
Research Design (08 21876) Academic Year 2018-2019 29/05/2018 10:23:06
Social Research Methods I (08 21879) Academic Year 2018-2019 29/05/2018 10:22:43
Social Research Methods I (08 21879) Academic Year 2018-2019 29/05/2018 13:11:47
Social Research Methods II (08 21878) Academic Year 2018-2019 29/05/2018 10:22:47