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Name Code Type
Arabic Language 1 NO_MODULE_CODE_0076 Module
Arabic PGCE MFL (Dubai) NO_MODULE_CODE_5876 Module
Assessment of Health Professionals 11-19881 Module
Assessment of Health Professionals 11-26055 Module
Developing and Sustaining a Curriculum for Health Professionals 11-19854 Module
Developing and Sustaining a Curriculum for Health Professionals 11-26051 Module
Education Policy and Improving Schools 11-23965 Module
Education Practical Teaching Materials (Dubai) NO_MODULE_CODE_5599 Module
Factor Analysis 08-21874 Module
General Primary/Early Years English PEYSS 3 - Academic Resources NO_MODULE_CODE_9283 Module
Initial Teacher Education Mentors NO_MODULE_CODE_684 Module
Investigating My Subject Teaching 11-27643 Module
Leadership Enquiry 11-32545 Module
LM Secondary School Studies 1 11-26582 Module
PG Dip Ed Science NO_MODULE_CODE_2193 Module
PG Dip Ed Secondary Science NO_MODULE_CODE_1453 Module
PG DipEd (QTS) Science NO_MODULE_CODE_347 Module
PG DipEd Early Years English NO_MODULE_CODE_3007 Module
PGCE (QTS) School Direct - Primary and Primary Sen - Course Handbook 2016/2017 NO_MODULE_CODE_561 Module
PGCE Primary Education (Dubai Campus) NO_MODULE_CODE_6667 Module
PGCE Science: Physics NO_MODULE_CODE_1540 Module
PGCE Secondary (Dubai) Assignment 1 NO_MODULE_CODE_3357 Module
PGCE Secondary (Dubai) Assignment 2 NO_MODULE_CODE_3348 Module
PGCE Secondary Mathematics Education (Dubai Campus) NO_MODULE_CODE_6666 Module
PGCE Secondary Science Education (Dubai Campus) NO_MODULE_CODE_1005 Module
PGDip Teaching Studies: Investigating my work with learners 11-34620 Module
PGDipED / ITE (Initial Teacher Education) Pre-Course Skills Test NO_MODULE_CODE_5688 Module
PGDipEd and PGCE Primary and Early Years Mathematics (PEYSS2) 11-17818 Module
PGDipEd Geography NO_MODULE_CODE_780 Module
PGDipEd in mathematics NO_MODULE_CODE_1459 Module
PGDipED Physical Education NO_MODULE_CODE_1464 Module
PGDipEd Religious Education NO_MODULE_CODE_777 Module
PGDipEd Science NO_MODULE_CODE_9955 Module
PGDipEd Secondary English SSS1 Module
PGDipEd Secondary ML NO_MODULE_CODE_4837 Module
PGDipEd Secondary Physics NO_MODULE_CODE_5444 Module
PGDipEd Whole School Issues NO_MODULE_CODE_3345 Module
PGDipEd- History NO_MODULE_CODE_4427 Module
Postgraduate Diploma Primary Education (PGCE Advanced) NO_MODULE_CODE_1541 Module
Primary and Early Years Education Theory and Practice 11-32539 Module
Primary and Early Years Mathematics NO_MODULE_CODE_387 Module
Primary English (Dubai) NO_MODULE_CODE_4037 Module
Professional Studies PGDipEd NO_MODULE_CODE_3567 Module
Questionnaire Design 08-25453 Module
Research and Study Skills - Teacher Education NO_MODULE_CODE_5560 Module
Researching Education for Health Professionals (11 21553 ) 11-21553 Module
Reviewing Education for Health Professionals 11-24244 Module
Science in PG Dip Ed Primary/Early Years NO_MODULE_CODE_1458 Module
Secondary Professional Studies 20-21 NO_MODULE_CODE_6713 Module
Teaching and Learning DTE NO_MODULE_CODE_2119 Module
Understanding School Improvement 11-23963 Module
Using Evidence in School Improvement 11-23964 Module
Whole School Issues, PGDipED Secondary NO_MODULE_CODE_648 Module

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