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A2B Progamme NO_MODULE_CODE_663 Module
Academic Langauge and Learning for Bilingual Learners 11-07850 Module
An Introduction to Academic Studies in Education 11-29094 Module
BA Education Programmes Dissertation Module 11-19037 Module
Bilingualism in Education Dissertation - DL 11-13480 Module
CCE Teaching & Learning in Schools (11 22704 ) 11-22704 Module
Changing Behaviours: a history 11-27408 Module
Character education interventions in schools and organisations 11-28593 Module
Childhood, Culture & Education Year 1 Schooling (11 19249) 11-19249 Module
Childhood, Culture & Education Year 3 Children as Citizens (11 19038) 11-19038 Module
Citizenship, Human Rights and the Environment 11-11471 Module
Contemporary Issues in Education (11 21573) 11-21573 Module
Curriculum Design In Global Contexts 11-05489 Module
Dissertation (BSc Psych in Ed) NO_MODULE_CODE_5632 Module
Documentary Research in Education, History and the Social Sciences 08-22018 Module
Education as an International Issue 11-20807 Module
Education, Policy and Society (Level M) 11-29740 Module
Educational Observation, Evaluation And Supervision 11-23701 Module
Educational Policy and Social Justice (11 23841) 11-23841 Module
Educational Practices for Social Justice and Equity NO_MODULE_CODE_1974 Module
Equality and Diversity: Children, Families and Society (11 19247) 11-19247 Module
Ethics in Education NO_MODULE_CODE_7673 Module
Foreign Languages in Education: Communicative Language Teaching, Syllabus Design and Assessment 11-05492 Module
Global education: Issues, Opportunities, Futures (11 25196 ) 11-25196 Module
History and Politics of Character Education 11-29370 Module
Human Rights, Citizenship and the Environment 11-05510 Module
Identity, Politics and Everyday Life 11-26284 Module
Introduction to Cognitive Psychology 11-31669 Module
Language, Discourse and Society 11-05598 Module
LC Contemporary Issues in Education: engaging with research 11-34019 Module
LC Contemporary Issues in Education: learning communities in higher education 11-34016 Module
LC Introduction to Developmental Psychology - Part 1 11-34023 Module
LC Introduction to Developmental Psychology - Part 2 11-34024 Module
LD Designing and Conducting Educational Research 11-28391 Module
LD Theoretical Perspectives on Education and Learning 11-28396 Module
Leadership for School Improvement 11-05668 Module
Leadership in Character Education NO_MODULE_CODE_9998 Module
LH Critical Approaches to Psychology in Education 11-37169 Module
LH Dissertation: Psychology in Education 11-38123 Module
LH Placement 11-31562 Module
LH The Development of Anxiety in Childhood and Adolescence and Applications to Education 11-38127 Module
LI Biological Psychology 11-34622 Module
LI Child Development: Psychological Approaches 11-17258 Module
LI Cognitive Psychology 11-34607 Module
LI Individual Differences and Learning 11-34624 Module
LI Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology - Part 2 11-33001 Module
LI Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology - Part 2 11-33009 Module
LI Social Psychology and Learning 11-34687 Module
LM Alternative Approaches to Education 08-34574 Module
LM Education for Social Justice 11-34625 Module
LM Practitioner Inquiry in Education (Distance Education) 11-07916 Module
LM Researching Young People 08-30621 Module
LM Sociotechnical Learning Environments 03-37062 Module
MA Character Education NO_MODULE_1482 Module
MA Character Education Dissertation NO_MODULE_CODE_8854 Module
Making Culture: New Ways of Reading Things 11-30802 Module
Management and Leadership in EAL 11-19490 Module
Personal and Professional Skills in Educational Management 11-20724 Module
Philosophy of Education (11 26283) 11-26283 Module
Philosophy of Social Science Research (08 27034) 08-27034 Module
Placement 11-19255 Module
Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology - Part 1 11-32997 Module
Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology Part 1 11-33006 Module
Reclaiming Education 08-32426 Module
Research Methods in Character Education 11-28594 Module
Researching Childhood and Education 11-20579 Module
Researching Education 11-29693 Module
Second Language Learning 11-05639 Module
Teaching and Learning in EAL (DL) 11-19148 Module
The Virtuous Practitioner (11 29372) 11-29372 Module
Theories of Character, virtue and flourishing 11-28595 Module
Understanding education policies and practices in global, national and local contexts (Level D) 11-28393 Module
Young People and Social Change 11-26290 Module

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