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Name Code Type
Advanced Electronic Materials 04-17193 Module
Biomaterials (04 17191) 04-17191 Module
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys and Applications 04-22388 Module
Foundation Science & Engineering Labs NO_MODULE_CODE_126 Module
Foundation Science & Engineering Skills NO_MODULE_CODE_124 Module
Functional Materials 04-18511 Module
Introduction to Flight 1 NO_MODULE_CODE_2149 Module
LC Introduction to Mathematics for Materials 04-29367 Module
LC Mechanics and Materials in Sports 04-22390 Module
LC Non-crystalline Materials I 04-31176 Module
LH Control of Microstructure 04-17186 Module
LH Environmental Degradation of Materials 04-26593 Module
LH Essentials of Quantum Mechanics 03-25894 Module
LH High Toughness Ceramics 04-17190 Module
LH Materials Characterisation and Design for Manufacture NO_MODULE_CODE_6654 Module
LH Materials Research Project 04-17187 Module
LI Polymer Engineering and Composites NO_MODULE_CODE_5546 Module
LM Individual Degradation of Materials 04-24925 Module
LM Polymers and Soft Matter NO_MODULE_CODE_1147 Module
Materials for Sustainable Energy Technologies 04-17684 Module
Materials for Sustainable Energy Technologies 04-24366 Module
Polymer Science and Materials Case Study NO_MODULE_CODE_3649 Module
Properties and Applications of Materials 0421829 Module
Surface Engineering NO_MODULE_CODE_55 Module

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