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Name Code Type
Advanced Topics in Analysis A NO_MODULE_CODE_3349 Module
Advanced Topics in Analysis B 06-27697 Module
Advanced Topics in Combinatorics (4P18) 4P18 Module
Algebra and Combinatorics (1AC, algebra) 06-25659 Module
Algebra and Combinatorics (1AC, combinatorics) 0625659 Module
Algebra and Combinatorics 2 (2AC, algebra) 06-25665_06-27142 Module
Algebra and Combinatorics 2B (2AC3) LVL-14981 Level
Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 06-27718_06-29623 Module
Applied Statistics 06-22515 Module
Applied Statistics (Jinan) (J3AS) NO_MODULE_CODE_6767 Module
Combinatorics and Communication Theory B (3P16/4P16) 3P16-4P16 Module
Continuum Mechanics (3A03/4A03) 06-22486 Module
Differential Equations 2DE/2DE3 06-25670_06-27143 Module
Frontiers and Impact of Pure Mathematics A 06-27700 Module
Further Mathematical Finance NO_MODULE_CODE_4158 Module
Game Theory (3M10a/4M10b) 06-17742 Module
Graph Theory 06-19592 Module
Integer Programming & Combinatorial Optimisation A (3MO2/4MO2) 06_21624 Module
Integer Programming & Combinatorial Optimisation B (3MO2/4MO2) 06-21624 Module
J1 PS, Probability (Jinan) NO_MODULE_CODE_2155 Module
J1 RAC Functions (Jinan) MO_MODULE_CODE_6644 Module
J1VGLA resources (Jinan) NO_MODULE_CODE_1466 Module
J1VGLA resources (Jinan) (internal library use) NO_MODULE_CODE_4645 Module
Jinan - year 1 generally (internal library use only) NO_MODULE_CODE_7983 Module
Jinan Algebra & Combinatorics NO_MODULE_CODE_5514 Module
LC An Introduction to Mathematics: Widening Horizons 06-29064 Module
LC Mechanics 06-25661 Module
LH Algebra & Combinatorics 2 06-27142 Module
LH Modelling with Partial Differential Equations 06-27706 Module
LH/LM Combinatorics and Communication Theory 06-19601_06-19608 Module
LI Algebra & Combinatorics 1 06-27363 Module
LI Algebra & Combinatorics 2 06-25665 Module
LI Mechanics 06-27345 Module
Linear Algebra (06 25765) 06-25765 Module
Linear Algebra and Programming A (2C/2G04a) 06_25765 Module
Linear Algebra and Programming B (2C) 2C Module
Linear programming 06-27516 Module
LM Applied Statistics 06-22522 Module
LM Modelling with Partial Differential Equations 06-27707 Module
LM Perturbation Theory and Asymptotics 06-29624 Module
Mathematical Biology 06-27704 Module
Mathematical Finance (3G11/4G11) 06-20444 Module
Mathematical Modelling and Problem Solving (1MMPS) NO_MODULE_CODE_5194 Module
Methods in Partial Differential Equations 06-27714 Module
Metric Spaces and Topology B (3Top) 06-27722 Module
MSc Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 06-27712 Module
MSc Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Dubai) 06-30376 Module
Multivariable Analysis (b) (Jinan) NO_MODULE_CODE_5267 Module
Multivariable Analysis (Jinan) 06-30562 Module
Multivariable and Vector Analysis (2MVA) 06-25667 Module
Non-linear Programming II (06 20441) 06-20441 Module
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 06-27712_06-27689 Module
Perturbation Theory A (3A05/4A05) 06-06164 Module
Polynomials, Rings and Metric Spaces B (2O3/3P04) 2O3-3P04 Module
Probability and Statistics (1PS) 06-25663 Module
Randomness and Computation 06-31131 Module
Real Analysis & Calculus (Autumn Term) 06-30303 Module
Real Analysis and Calculus (1RAC, calculus I) 0625660 Module
Real Analysis and Calculus (1RAC, Calculus I) (Jinan) NO_MODULE_CODE_4883 Module
Real Analysis and the Calculus (1RAC Calculus II) 0625660X Module
Statistical Methods in Economics (06 27099 ) 06-27099 Module
Statistics II B (06 25671 ) 06-25671 Module
Topics in Applied Mathematics B 06-28369 Module
Vectors Geometry amd Linear Algebra (1 VGLA) 06-25664 Module

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