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Name Code Type
Adult Restorative Dentistry and Clinical Practice 02-26336 Module
Advanced Clinical Practice & Specialty Teaching 02-26148 Programme
Applied Pharmacology Pain and Anxiety Control 02-26335 Module
BDS Clinical Human Diseases (surgery) 01-27231 Module
BDS Introduction to Human Disease 01-27232 Module
BDS Oral Medicine NO_NODULE_CODE_5538 Module
BDS Orthodontics NO_MODULE_CODE_4419 Module
BDS Radiography and Radiology NO_MODULE_CODE_4731 Module
Biodmedical Sciences 02-26338 Module
Biological Interactions with Dental Materials 01-30735 Module
Birmingham dental hygiene and therapy COU-8926 Course
BMedSc Biomaterials Dentistry COU-8898 Course
Dental Biomaterials 02-29556 Module
Dental Hygiene Clinical Practice 02-26339 Module
Dental Pathology and Oral Immunology (01 20043 ) 01-24211 Module
Dental Public Health and Behavioural Science 02-29724 Module
Dental Radiography 02-26328 Module
Dentistry in Society 02-26329 Module
Distance MSc Restorative Dentistry – PT360C NO_MODULE_CODE_2593 Module
Integrated Clinical Practice 02-26334 Module
Intermediate Clinical Practice and Specialty Teaching 01-24961 Module
Introducion to Adult Restorative Dentistry 02-26333 Module
Introduction to Biomaterials 01-29558 Module
Introduction to Clinical Practice and Speciality Teaching 01-24306 Module
Introduction to Tissue Engineering 02-31409 Module
Oral Health Promotion 02-26340 Module
Oral Pathology (02 24931 ) 01-25014 Module
Paediatric Dentistry 02-26342 Module
Periodontal Diseases Theory and Clinical Practice 02-26343 Module
Professionalism 02-26341 Module
Professionalism and the Foundations of Dental Practice 01-27233 Module
Professionalism Portfolio 02-26346 Module
Professionalism Portfolio 02-26345 Module
Prosthetics NO_MODULE_CODE_1313 Module
Research Project 02-26347 Module
Term 6 Modules: Conservative Dentistry COU-8933 Course
The Plaque Project NO_MODULE_CODE_789 Module

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