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Name Code Type
Advanced Bioinformatics 01-27606 Module
An Introduction to Human Genetics and Genomics 01-27578 Module
Application of Genomics in Infectious Disease 01-27583 Module
Bioinformatics, Interpretation, Statistics and Data Quality Assurance in Genomic Analysis 01-27584 Module
Cancer Clinical Trials 01-16736 Module
Cancer Therapy and Management 01-21817 Module
Caring for Cancer Patients 01-16727 Module
Cellular and Molecular Basis 01-00146 Module
Clinical trials (option module) NO_MODULE_CODE_9071 Module
Counselling Skills for Genomics 01-27586 Module
Diverse and Complex Needs NO_MODULE_CODE_9135 Module
Economic Models and Human Genomics 01-27603 Module
EEH: Economic Evaluation in Healthcare NO_MODULE_CODE_9098 Module
Epidemiology and Statistics 02-18211 Module
Epidemiology and Statistics NO_MODULE_CODE_9057 Module
Essentials of Biology, Mathematics, Statistics and Programming 02-29779 Module
Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Applied Genomics 01-27585 Module
Genomic Medicine Professional and Research Skills 01-27605 Module
Genomics in Cancer Pathology 01-27581 Module
Genomics of Common and Rare Inherited Diseases 01-27580 Module
Haemoto-oncology 01-16732 Module
Health Promotion (02 22234) 02-22234 Module
IHE: Introduction to Health Economics NO_MODULE_CODE_9092 Module
International Health Protection NO_MODULE_CODE_994 Module
Introduction to Forensic Mental Health NO_MODULE_CODE_9107 Module
Introduction to Leadership and Management for Health (07 22480) 07-22480 Module
Introduction to the Counselling Skills used in Genomic Medicine 01-30762 Module
LM General and Adult Medicine as a Physician Associate: Theory and Practice (Year 1) 01-28617 Module
LM Specialist and Acute Medicine as a Physician Associate: Theory and Practice (Year 2) 01-28616 Module
Mentally Disordered Offenders and the Law NO_MODULE_CODE_9117 Module
Modelling for Health Economics 07-22346 Module
MSc Bioinformatics NO_MODULE_CODE_848 Module
MSc Immunology and Immunotherapy 2015-2016 NO_MODULE_CODE_15094 Module
MSc Pharmaceutical Enterprise 2015-16 COU-14931 Course
MSc/PGD Occupational Health NO_MODULE_CODE_15095 Module
MSc/PGD/PGC Clinical Neuropsychiatry 2015-2016 COU-9100 Module
Omics Techniques and Their Application to Genomic Medicin 01-27579 Module
Paediatric Oncology 01-23219 Module
Palliative Care 01-23221 Module
PEHD: Policy and Economics of Health Care Delivery NO_MODULE_CODE_9095 Module
Pharmacogenomics and Stratified Healthcare 01-27582 Module
Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing COU-9008 Course
Principles and practice of health technology assessment (option module) NO_MODULE_CODE_9067 Module
Principles of Health Technology Assessment (option module) NO_MODULE_CODE_9065 Module
Public Health Management NO_MODULE_CODE_9070 Module
Qualitative Research Methods (02 08147) 02-08147 Module
Radiation Biology NO_MODULE_CODE_115013 Module
Radiation Physics 02-18212 Module
Risk Assessment and Management NO_MODULE_CODE_9134 Module
STATS: Statistics for Health Economics NO_MODULE_CODE_9091 Module
Structure of NHS NO_MODULE_CODE_115014 Module
Surgical Oncology 01-27777 Module
Systematic reviews and evidence synthesis NO_MODULE_CODE_9066 Module
The Molecular Pathology of Cancer 02-18210 Module
Translational Research 01-23208 Module
Treatment of Mentally Disordered Offenders NO_MODULE_CODE_9129 Module
Workplace-based Learning in Genomic Medicine 01-27604 Module

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