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Name Code Type
Autonomic Physiology 01-17744 Module
Cancer and Stratified Medicine 02-27785 Module
Cardiorespiratory Physiology and Pharmacology 02-30821 Module
Cardiorespiratory Science 02-30783 Module
Cellular Biochemistry and Biology 02-27065 Module
Digestion and Renal Sciences 02-27069 Module
DNA Damage Pathways in Human Disease 01-24065 Module
Drug Action 02-27068 Module
Early Drug Discovery 01-25707 Module
Endocrinology and Reproduction 02-14217 Module
Fundamentals of Life Science 02-27070 Module
Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Pharmacology 02-30075 Module
Haematology and Vascular Biology 02-27793 Module
Hypoxia in Health and Disease 01-28734 Module
Immunity and Infection 02-27786 Module
Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology 02-27787 Module
Molecular and Integrative Pharmacology 02-29259 Module
Neuroscience 02-14222 Module
Neuroscience, Endocrinology and Reproduction 02-30823 Module
Respiratory Science 02-27788 Module
Stem Cells and Development 02-27789 Module
Vascular Biology and Pathology 01-24933 Module

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