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Name Code Type
Adolescence: Mind and Brain 03-27868 Module
Adult Neuropsychological Disorders (03 26024) 03-26024 Module
Antisocial and Violent Behaviour 03-29100 Module
Applications of Brain Imaging in Cognitive Neuroscience 03-28333 Module
Brain Damage and Aging in the Attentional System 03-27290 Module
CBT for Anxiety Disorders 02-22693 Module
CBT for Depression 02-22694 Module
Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology NO_MODULE_CODE_9171 Module
Clinical Psychology of Severe Intellectual Disability 03-14653 Module
Cognition in Infants and Children 03-08660 Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Common Mental Health Problems NO_MODULE_CODE_8494 Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Complex Presentations NO_MODULE_CODE_4389 Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Fundamental Skills NO_MODULE_CODE_7689 Module
Cognitive Psychology 03-30009 Module
Communities and social action (03 26025) 03-26025 Module
Cook Lab NO_MODULE_CODE_6004 Module
Design and Analysis 2 NO_MODULE_CODE_11109 Module
Development and Disorders of Language in Children 03-23199 Module
Forensic Clinical Psychology Doctorate - Clinical Year 1 NO_MODULE_CODE_0121 Module
Forensic Clinical Psychology Doctorate - Clinical Year 2 NO_MODULE_CODE_0122 Module
Forensic Clinical Psychology Doctorate - Forensic Year A NO_MODULE_CODE_0123 Module
Forensic Clinical Psychology Handbook Reading NO_MODULE_CODE_6594 Module
Forensic Psychology (03 08675) 03-08675 Module
Foundations in Critical Thinking 03-14418 Module
Fundamentals in Brain Imaging Methods (03 19953) 03-19953 Module
Higher Cognitive Functions 03-21142 Module
Introduction to Biology (Dubai) 03-34818 Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology 11-32542 Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology (03 27203) 03-27203 Module
Introduction to Forensic Psychology 02-28979 Module
Introduction to Learning (03 08641) 03-08641 Module
Introduction to Neuroscientific Methods 03-30806 Module
Introduction to Psychobiology: from ion channels to abnormal behaviour (03 08639) 03-08639 Module
Introduction to Psychobiology: from ion channels to behaviour 03-30012 Module
Introduction to psycholinguistics (03 08654) 03-08654 Module
Introduction to Psychology 1 (Dubai) 03-34787 Module
Introduction to Psychology 2 (Dubai) 03-32967 Module
Introduction to Social and Differential Psychology 03-30007 Module
Introductory Practitioner Course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 01-17702 Module
Learning Disability List; Practitioner Doctorate in clinical psychology NO_MODULE_CODE_1480 Module
LI Neural Basis of Vision and Action 03-30008 Module
LM Translational Cognitive Neuroscience 03-34483 Module
MA/MSc Psychology Writing Skills NO_MODULE_CODE_8793 Module
Mathematics for Life Sciences (Dubai) 03-32274 Module
Matlab Programming 03-20516 Module
MSc Research Project & MSc Research Placement NO_MODULE_CODE_214 Module
Multisensory Development in Infants and Children 03-31780 Module
Neurodevelopmental Disorders 03-26206 Module
Neuroimaging NO_MODULE_CODE_11264 Module
Neuroscience and Society 03-29536 Module
Personality and Individual Differences (03 15531) 03-15531 Module
Personality and Intelligence at Work 03-26026 Module
Principles and Practice of CBT 02-14134 Module
Principles of Applied Psychology (03 23046 ) 03-23046 Module
Professional Issues in Psychological Therapy 01-17710 Module
Psychological Research in Clinical Settings 1 (03 20274 ) 03-20274 Module
Psychological Research in Clinical Settings II (03 20275 ) 03-20275 Module
Public Engagement with Psychological Research 03-30123 Module
Rehabilitating the Brain 03-27871 Module
Research Methods A (03 08633) 03-08633 Module
Research Methods B (03 08635 ) 03-08635 Module
Research Methods C 03-24684 Module
Research Methods D 03-24686 Module
Research Review & MA Research Project NO_MODULE_CODE_145 Module
Sleep (24687) 03-24687 Module
Social and Cognitive Development 03-30010 Module
Social Learning Resources NO_MODULE_CODE_46 Module
Sociology of Mental Health and Illness 03-34480 Module
The Development of Attachment Behaviour (03 08657) 03-08657 Module
The Mind Detective: Understanding the mind by looking at what happens when it is damaged 03-27872 Module
The Neuropsychology of Pain ( 03 19208 ) 03-19208 Module
Trans-diagnostic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Complex Cases 02-18806 Module
Understanding emotions: A neuro-cognitive perspective 03-24692 Module
Why we remember, and why we forget (03 27292) 03-27292 Module

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