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Advanced Fieldwork 03-32051 Module
Air Pollution Chemistry 03-17348 Module
Applied Micrometeorology (03 19136 ) 03-19136 Module
Atmospheric Composition and Physics (03 00685 ) 03-00685 Module
Atmospheric Observations 03-24481 Module
BIA Earth and Environmental Sciences 03-24645 Module
Biodiversity and Conservation Management 03-27192 Module
Borehole Design, Construction and Maintenance 03-15674 Module
Carceral Geographies 03-28684 Module
Catchment Processes, Environmental Change and Restoration 03-36263 Module
Catchment Water Management 03-30814 Module
Causes and Effects of Air Pollution 03-17350 Module
Chemical and Biological Incident Management 03-28766 Module
Cities and Conflict 03-30810 Module
Cities in Transition 03-36282 Module
Climate of the Past 03-26161 Module
Conservation: theory into practice 03-36264 Module
Contaminant Transport Processes and Modelling 03-15686 Module
Contemporary Issues in Urban Development and Planning (08 10698) 08-10698 Module
Continental Deformation (03 20959) 03-20959 Module
Creative Economies and Creative Cities 03-30053 Module
Cultural Geographies of Development 03-27193 Module
Earth and Environmental Systems 03-29991 Module
Earth Systems 03-29992 Module
Ecological Systems Part 2: River and Lake Systems GGM214B (03 18182) 03-18182 Module
Ecology: past and present 03-36295 Module
Environmental Assessment and Management (03 23438 ) 03-23438 Module
Environmental & Economic Geography 03-36299 Module
Environmental Governance (03 21780 ) 03-21780 Module
Environmental Human Geography 03-35199 Module
Environmental Justice 03-26337 Module
Environmental Modelling 03-25556 Module
Environmental Protection Climate Change 03-23240 Module
Environmental Research Frontiers 03-30024 Module
Environmental Science Research Frontiers 03-30018 Module
Evolution of Vertebrates 03-10820 Module
Evolution of Vertebrates 03-18108 Module
Exploring the Energy Transition 03-36416 Module
Exploring the Energy Transition 03-36415 Module
Field Skills and Project Planning for Independent Mapping Projects 03-29222 Module
Fieldwork project design and GIS 03-36261 Module
From Molecules to Materials: Deconstructing the Environment - Part 1 (EVS114) 03-30019 Module
Geographies of Children and Education 03-36267 Module
Geographies of the Global South 03-36269 Module
Geography in the Classroom 03-32103 Module
Geological Field Skills 03-28980 Module
Geological Mapping Project 03-24057 Module
Geopolitics and global challenges. Middle East | Russia | Cities 03-36270 Module
Geotechnical Engineering 2 04-26248 Module
GGM349 River Processes, Deposits and Environments 03-24061 Module
GGM502 Geomorphology 03-31151 Module
Global Challenges in the Anthropocene 03-36126 Module
Global Challenges in the Anthropocene 03-36128 Module
Greening Urban Infrastructures 03-35205 Module
Groundwater Flow Modelling 03-15685 Module
Groundwater Hydraulics 03-24877 Module
Groundwater Organic Contaminant Pollution and Remediation (MSc) 03-24880 Module
Groundwater Organic Contaminant Pollution and Remediation (MSci) 03-24881 Module
Health Protection Module (Environmental Health) 03-26363 Module
Hydroclimatology 03-18180 Module
Hydroclimatology and Geomorphology 03-36277 Module
Hydrology and Catchment Management 03-31152 Module
Inorganic Chemistry and Groundwater (MSc) 03-15681 Module
Inorganic Chemistry and Groundwater (MSci) 03-24681 Module
Landscape and Urban Ecology 03-19134 Module
LC Atoms to Volcanoes 03-33739 Module
LC Contemporary Human Geography A 03-33575 Module
LC Contemporary Human Geography B 03-33562 Module
LC Earth History and Life 03-29202 Module
LC Earth Materials 03-36184 Module
LC Environmental Research Frontiers A 03-33577 Module
LC Environmental Research Frontiers B 03-33584 Module
LC Environmental Science Fieldwork and GIS 03-36234 Module
LC Fieldwork Project Design and Statistics 03-38618 Module
LC Global Environmental Issues A 03-33629 Module
LC Global Environmental Issues B 03-33630 Module
LC Research Methods and GIS 03-38119 Module
LC Research Methods in Environmental Science 03-30020 Module
LC Research Methods in Environmental Science and Statistics 03-36235 Module
LC Research methods, field work, and data analysis 03-30029 Module
LC Statistical Methods and Applied Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 03-33631 Module
LC Statistics for Planners 03-38041 Module
LC SW Wales Field Course 03-33748 Module
LH Climate change in the Earth System 03-30021 Module
LH Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 03-29212 Module
LH Environmental Protection 03-23433 Module
LH Geological Natural Hazards 03-29214 Module
LH Governance of environmental transitions 03-38221 Module
LH Human Geography or Planning Research NO_MODULE_CODE_2136 Module
LH Palaeontology Field and Museum Skills 03-30965 Module
LH Sustainable Resource Geology 03-32166 Module
LH Urban Analytics with Geospatial Analysis 03-30813 Module
LH Urbanity and Wellbeing 03-38223 Module
LI Cultural & Development Geographies 03-27798 Module
LI Cultural Geographies 03-34034 Module
LI Development Geographies 03-34043 Module
LI Digital data capture and analysis 03-38042 Module
LI Environmental Pollution and Management 03-36296 Module
LI Field Research Skills for Physical Geography and Environmental Sciences 03-38629 Module
LI Field Skills 03-36187 Module
LI Field Skills and Research Project Planning 03-38082 Module
LI Geological Natural Hazards 03-33860 Module
LI Hydrology and Geomorphology 03-37140 Module
LI Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 03-29997 Module
LI Introduction to Hydrogeology 03-38620 Module
LI Placement Year 03-37709 Module
LI Research Methods for Human Geography 03-34067 Module
LI Rock Mechanics, Geophysics and Hydrogeology 03-36213 Module
LI Social Geographies 03-34027 Module
LI Structural Geology and Geophysics 03-38043 Module
LI Urban Geography 03-37770 Module
LM Air Pollution Control Technology 03-31381 Module
LM Carbon Management 03-24478 Module
LM Dynamics and Modelling of Weather and Climate 03-34012 Module
LM Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 03-29213 Module
LM Geological Natural Hazards 03-29215 Module
LM Geotechnical Engineering 3 04-29657 Module
LM Housing and Law 03-36944 Module
LM Hydrogeomorphology and Catchment Management 03-33993 Module
LM Place-making in Practice 08-38979 Module
LM Planning for Healthy Cities 05-37257 Module
LM River Habitats and Biogeochemistry – Assessment and Monitoring 03-34130 Module
LM Smart Cities 05-37258 Module
LM Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions – Theory, GIS and Programming 03-34132 Module
LM Sustainable Cities 05-37259 Module
LM Sustainable Resource Geology 03-32171 Module
LM The Planner in Contemporary Societies 05-37260 Module
LM Urban Design And Property Development 05-37261 Module
LM Urban Lives 05-37263 Module
LM Urbanity and wellbeing 03-38668 Module
LM Water Resources Studies and Further Topics 03-33877 Module
M2 Weather Forecasting NO_MODULE_CODE_3768 Module
M501 Foraminifera 03-24910 Module
Module Physical Climatology and Climate Change 03-24482 Module
Module Title LI Field Research Skills for Human Geography and Planning 03-38628 Module
MSc Applied and Petroleum Micropalaeontology: Core reference books and websites NO_MODULE_CODE_11821 Module
Network Geographies (03 27194) 03-27194 Module
Occupational Health & Safety 03-22876 Module
Occupational Health and Hygiene 03-19442 Module
Ostracoda 03-24912 Module
Palaeoclimates (03 26365 ) 03-26365 Module
Palaeoecology 03-03623 Module
Planner in Contemporary Society 07-22150 Module
Planning for the Built Environment 03-36283 Module
Planning Methods (08 21591) 08-21591 Module
Planning Methods and Techniques (08 27133 ) 08-27133 Module
Politics of Environment 03-36271 Module
Professional Placement 03-36272 Module
Professional Placements for Environmental Science 03-26292 Module
Regenerating Urban Communities 08-22865 Module
Research Methods & Project Planning for Field Mapping ESC M235 (03 16667 ) 03-16667 Module
Research Methods and Statistics NO_MODULE_CODE_3478 Module
Research Methods for Physical Geography and Environmental Science 03-36278 Module
Research Methods/ Dissertation 03-27414 Module
Resource Governance 03-36273 Module
Resources and the Environment 03-30000 Module
Resources and the Environment 03-27880 Module
River Ecology 03-18942 Module
River Environments and their Management 03-31149 Module
Russia in a Global Context 03-30051 Module
Sedimentary Basin Analysis (for Micropalaeontology) NO_MODULE_CODE_826 Module
Sedimentology (03 24064 ) 03-24064 Module
Statistical Methods and GIS for Planners 03-36284 Module
Statistical Methods and Tutorials 03-36279 Module
Structural Geology 03-29210 Module
Sustainable Cities 07-22035 Module
Techniques in Human Geography 03-28521 Module
The City & Modernity 03-23143 Module
The Planning of the Built Environment: current planning practice and contemporary planning issues (08 10800) 08-10800 Module
The Planning of the Built Environment: History and Evolution of Urban and Regional Planning (08 27026 ) 08-27026 Module
The political economy of agrarian change in the global south (GGM361)(03 30812) 03-30812 Module
Theoretical Meteorology: Atmospheric Dynamics GGM602 (03 11373 ) 03-11373 Module
Theoretical Themes for Geographers 03-36281 Module
Towards Urban Renaissance 08-14259 Module
Understanding Nature-Society Relations: The Ecological Century (03 27196) 03-27196 Module
Understanding Neighbourhood Poverty 08-26667 Module
Urban Environments in the Global South 03-32050 Module
Urban Policy Design and Planning Analysis 03-34071 Module
Urban Property Development 08-26375 Module
War and Peace in the Middle East 03-25907 Module
Water Resources Studies 03-15688 Module
Weather, Climate and Society (03 19216) 03-19216 Module
Weather, Climate and Society - Micrometeorology 03-36274 Module
Wetland Environments (03-19071) 03-19071 Module
Work, Migration and Alternative Economies 03-36275 Module

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