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  1. F for Fake and Mockumentary 9 items
    1. F for Fake 7 items
      1. F is for phony: fake documentary and truth's undoing 2006

        Book Essential Please read pp.143-170

      2. Essential Reading. Please read this article by Erika Bolson: The Reality-Based Community.


        "Our planet is heating up. In the realm of documentary, too, there is a visible world "out there," the traces of which persist in and through the codes of representation. It is a world that demands our attention in all its complexity and frailty. A pressing question emerges: Is putting documentary's claim to actuality under erasure through reflexive devices in all cases still the front-line gesture it once was, or have such strategies ossified into clichés that fail to offer the best response to the present emergency?" 

      3. Recommended Viewing. Please watch this video essay 'F for Fake: How to Structure a Video Essay', by Every Frame a Painting (Tony Zhou).

      4. Orson Welles' "F for Fake"

        Chapter Recommended Reading for F for Fake, but also neatly connects to Citizen and Kane and the rest of Welles' oeuvre.

      5. Orson Welles's: "Complicitous Critique: Postmodern Paradox in F for Fake

        Chapter Recommended If the link does not work please try locating the article on ProQuest:

      6. Faking it: mock-documentary and the subversion of factuality - Jane Roscoe, Craig Hight 2001

        Book Background

    2. Chris Morris 1 item
    3. The Office 1 item
      1. Television mockumentary: reflexivity, satire and a call to play - Craig Hight c2010

        Book Background

  2. High School 4 items
    1. Introduction to documentary - Bill Nichols 2017

      Book Essential Please read chapter 7, How Can We Describe the Observational, Participatory, Reflexive, and Performative Modes of Documentary Film? Chapter 6, How Can We Differentiate among Documentaries? is also relevant, focusing on poetic and expository modes of representation.

    2. The new documentary in action: a casebook in film making - Alan Rosenthal 1971

      Book Essential Please read chapter 2, High School, Frederick Wiseman

    3. Revisiting High School: An Interview with Frederick Wiseman

      Chapter Recommended Reading for High School Cynthia Lucia, Frederick Wiseman and Fred Wiseman Cinéaste Vol. 20, No. 4 (1994), pp. 5-11

    4. High School Frederick Wiseman - Stephen Mamber 04/1970

      Article Background Reading for High School

  3. The Thin Blue Line 4 items
    1. The thin blue line - Errol Morris 2005 (videorecording)

      Audio-visual document Essential Viewing

    2. The Thin Blue Line: Storyville Thursday, 10 Nov 2011

      Audio-visual document 

    3. Errol Morris' Construction of Innocence in "The Thin Blue Line" - Renee R. Curry 1995

      Article Recommended Reading for The Thin Blue Line

  4. Agit-Prop Documentary 3 items
    1. The art of record: A critical introduction to documentary - John Corner 1996

      Book Essential Reading for 'Roger and Me'

    2. Negotiating the Pleasure Principle: The Recent Work of Adam Curtis - Jonathan Rosenbaum 09/2008

      Article Essential Reading for 'The Power of Nightmares'

  5. Compilation Documentary / Feminist Filmmaking 2 items
    1. The art of record: a critical introduction to documentary - John Corner 1996

      Book Essential Reading for Rosie the Riveter

    2. Keith Beattie's 'Documentary Screens: Nonfiction Film and Television (2004) is available to access here.

      Please read Ch.7, 'Finding and Keeping: Compilation Documentary', in relation to Rosie the Riveter

  6. Subjective Documentary - Autobiography, Memoir, First-Person 5 items
    1. Keith Beattie's 'Documentary Screens: Nonfiction Film and Television (2004) is available to access here.

      Please read Ch.6, 'The Camera I: Autobiographical Documentary' in relation to Cameraperson.

    2. Q&A: 'Cameraperson', Kirsten Johnson

      Chapter Essential Reading for 'Cameraperson'

    3. Essential Viewing Please watch this video essay on 'Cameraperson' by Conor Bateman: Cameraperson to Person

    4. Cameraperson - Robin Weinberg 2017

      Article Recommended Reading for 'Cameraperson'

    5. Cameraperson

      Chapter Background Reading for Cameraperson

  7. 'Non-Narrative' Documentary? 1 item
  8. Waltz with Bashir 2 items
    1. Screen Memory in Waltz with Bashir - Garrett Stewart 03/2010

      Article Essential Reading for Waltz with Bashir

    2. I Witness: Re-presenting Trauma in and by Cinema. - Ashuri, Tamar ;

      Article Essential Reading for Waltz with Bashir

  9. The Act of Killing 5 items
    1. The Act of Killing - Joshua Oppenheimer 2013 (videorecording)

      Audio-visual document Essential Viewing for The Act of Killing

    2. The Act of Killing (2012) Saturday, 5 Apr 2014

      Audio-visual document 

    3. The Act of Killing - Janet Hoskins, Viola Lasmana 27/05/2015

      Article Essential Reading for The Act of Killing

    4. Unspeakable histories: film and the experience of catastrophe - William Howard Guynn 2016

      Book Recommended Reading for The Act of Killing. NOTE: Only available as library hard copy.

    5. Unspeakable histories: film and the experience of catastrophe - William Howard Guynn 2016

      Book Recommended Reading for The Act of Killing.

  10. Music Documentary 5 items
    1. 20,000 days on earth - Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard 2014

      Audio-visual document Essential Viewing for '20,000 Days on Earth

    2. 20,000 Days on Earth (2014) Monday, 4 May 2015

      Audio-visual document 

    3. Arts & Entertainment: A Rocker's Battle With the Creative Process

      Chapter Recommended Reading for '20,000 Days on Earth'

    4. 20,000 Days on Earth - Scathing FT Review

      I wish I like the Nick Cave rocku-biography 20,000 Days on Earth. Hundreds do, to judge from Blogville. But this is canonisation of the throw-up kind. Nick is ferried about by artist filmmakers Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, who put him in fey, semi-fictive interface with a shrink, with a series of passenger celebs in a car (Ray Winstone, Kylie Minogue) and with Nature herself, where Cave is asked to stand quoting from his thoughts and notebooks. The film is arch, rambling, sententious. Cave should go it alone and commence work, in his own time, on his own docu-length rocku-selfie.

      Credit: By Nigel Andrews

      Word count: 104

      (Copyright Financial Times Ltd. 2014. All rights reserved.)

    5. The music documentary: acid rock to electropop 2013

      Book Background

  11. Film Studies 29 items
    1. Film art: an introduction - David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson c2001


    2. Reinventing film studies - Christine Gledhill, Linda Williams 2000


    3. Documentary Film Studies 18 items
      1. Music and sound in documentary film 2015

        Book  NOTE: This item is currently not held in the library.

      2. Claiming the real: 2: Documentary : Grierson and beyond - Brian Winston 2008


      3. Watching the world: screen documentary and audiences - Thomas Austin 2007


      4. Rethinking Documentary - Jong, Wilma de Austin, Thomas 2008


      5. New documentary - Stella Bruzzi 2006


      6. New challenges for documentary - John Corner, Alan Rosenthal 2005


      7. The subject of documentary - Michael Renov 2004], ©2004


      8. Claiming the real: the Griersonian documentary and its legitimations - Brian Winston, British Film Institute 1995


      9. The art of record: a critical introduction to documentary - John Corner 1996


      10. Imagining reality: the Faber book of the documentary - Kevin Macdonald, Mark Cousins 1996


      11. Theorizing documentary - Michael Renov, American Film Institute 1993


      12. Bill Nichols 4 items
        1. Representing reality: issues and concepts in documentary - Bill Nichols c1991


        2. Introduction to documentary - Bill Nichols 2017


    4. Film Genre 5 items
      1. Film Genre Reader IV - Barry Keith Grant 2012


      2. Film genre: from iconography to ideology - Barry Keith Grant 2007


      3. Film genre 2000: new critical essays 2000


      4. Film/genre - Rick Altman 1999


    5. Hollywood Cinema 4 items
      1. The classical Hollywood cinema: film style & mode of production to 1960 - David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, Kristin Thompson 1985


      2. Hollywood cinema: an introduction - Richard Maltby 1995