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  1. Unit One – History of Character Education 2 items
    1. Education with character: the moral economy of schooling - James Arthur 2003 (electronic resource)

      Book  Chapters 1 and 2

    2. Towards a new era of character education in theory and in practice - David I. Walker, Michael P. Roberts, Kristján Kristjánsson 02/01/2015


  2. Unit Two – How Character has been Conceptualised in Policy and Through History 6 items
  3. Unit Three – The Politics of Character Education 8 items
    1. Politics of Character Education - Robert W. Howard, Marvin W. Berkowitz, Esther F. Schaeffer 01/2004


    2. Developing character skills in schools: quantitative survey - Lydia Marshall, Keeva Rooney, Allison Dunatchik, Neil Smith August 2017


  4. Unit Four – Religion and Character Education 5 items