1. Module introduction resources 6 items
    Please look at these before the first lecture and seminar
    1. Grand Designs Revisited (2009) Friday, 19 Jun 2009

      Audio-visual document Essential Follow the instructions on screen and log in with your University log in details.

    2. Clip from Great British Buildings: Restoration Of The Year

      Audio-visual document Recommended Follow the instructions on screen and log in with your University log in details.

  2. Conservation Charters and Legislation 14 items
    1. Nara + 20 (2014)

      Document Essential

  3. Conservation Principles 4 items
  4. Publications 17 items
    1. Archaeology and heritage: an introduction - John Carman 2002


    2. Managing historic sites and buildings: reconciling presentation and preservation - David Baker, Gill Chitty 1999

      Book Recommended

    3. Curated decay: heritage beyond saving - Caitlin DeSilvey 2017

      Book Essential

    4. Conserving and managing ancient monuments: heritage, democracy, and inclusion - Keith Emerick, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies 2014

      Book Essential

    5. The conservation movement: a history of architectural preservation : antiquity to modernity - Miles Glendinning 2013

      Book Recommended

    6. Heritage planning: principles and process - Harold Kalman 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    7. Men from the ministry: how Britain saved its heritage - Simon Thurley c2013

      Book Essential

    8. Heritage planning: principles and process - Harold Kalman 2014

      Book Recommended

    9. Saving the wall: the conservation of Hadrian's Wall, 1746-1987 - Stephen D. Leach, Alan Michael Whitworth c2011

      Book Background

    10. The fate of the English country house - David Littlejohn 1997

      Book Background

    11. Managing conservation in museums - Suzanne Keene 2002

      Book Essential

  5. Conservation and Development 23 items
    1. For the visit to Bramall Music Building during the seminar slot, please look at the below resources

    2. For the developer led archaeology lecture, please look at the below resources

    3. Preserving historical buildings: the most sustainable thing is not to build new stuff | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

      Webpage Recommended As mentioned in HMP- it is more environmentally sustainable to not knock a heritage asset down and build a new building i.e the Birmingham University library!

  6. Conservation Plans 2 items
  7. Conservation and Access 4 items
    1. Art, museums and touch - Fiona Candlin c2010

      Book Background

  8. Conservation case studies 19 items
    1. Stonehenge WHS- BBC News

      Audio-visual document Recommended

    2. Chester amphitheatre_debate on Vimeo Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 6:09 AM EST

      Audio-visual document 

    3. Archaeologist: the A303 is a crucial part of Stonehenge's setting - Dan Hicks January 23, 2017 9.07am GMTJanuary 23, 2017 9.07am GMT

      Article Recommended

    4. Think about the differences between these two articles about the UK and Italy...

    5. Licensed to sell: the history and heritage of the public house - Geoffrey K. Brandwood, Bill Bryson, Andrew P. Davison, Michael Slaughter 2004

      Book Background J D Wetherspoon

  9. Articles 9 items
  10. Sustainability Seminar 9 items
    1. Built cultural heritage and sustainable urban development - Tweed, Christopher ; Sutherland, Margaret ;

      Article Recommended

  11. SGCT Sabbath Walk Leaflet.pdf

    Document Background For the Study Week