1. Introduction 6 items
    The items in this section are background or 'catch-up' readings, and so not required for the responses.
    1. Electronic Music - Nick Collins, Margaret Schedel, Scott Wilson 2013

      Book Background A good overview of electronic music history including both experimental and pop music.

    2. Energy flash: a journey through rave music and dance culture - Simon Reynolds 1998

      Book Background One of the first book-length histories of electronic dance music culture, written by a prolific music journalist. A later edition entitled 'Generation Ecstasy' includes additional chapters on the 90's US rave scene.

  2. Gender/Sexuality/Race 15 items
    1. Kwaito's promise: music and the aesthetics of freedom in South Africa - Gavin Steingo 2016

      Book Essential Read Chapters 1 and 2 (and skim other chapters briefly)

    2. RA: An alternate history of sexuality in club culture

      Webpage Essential A 'revisionist history' of dance music, with a focus on sexuality (and, to a degree, race / ethnicity). Since this is somewhat long, you should skim through the first half of the article and focus on the second half (starting from 'Queer Undergrounds' to the end).

    3. And Don't Call Them Lady Composers

      Document Recommended Bear in mind this was written in 1970

    4. RA Exchange: EX.293 Pauline Oliveros

      Webpage Recommended Interview with Pauline Oliveros in Resident Advisor, one of the most prominent media outlets for electronic dance music.

    5. The Black Madonna: 'I discovered Underground Resistance through the first guy who hit me.'

      Webpage Recommended While all of the interview is relevant, see especially her discussion of authorship and studio production, which begins after her first mention of Björk

    6. The Invisible Woman: A Conversation With Björk | Pitchfork

      Webpage Recommended Referenced in the Trax interview with The Black Madonna. Addresses the lack of visibility of women studio producers.

    7. RA: Between The Beats: The Black Madonna

      Audio-visual document Recommended Short documentary film released in the summer of 2016 about The Black Madonna. Contains discussion of gender in dance music.

    8. The Black Madonna b2b Mike Servito - BOILER ROOM

      Webpage Recommended Recording of two-hour back-to-back DJ set between The Black Madonna and Mike Servito, at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam, 2016.

    9. Software for people: collected writings 1963-1980 - Pauline Oliveros 1984

      Book Background Not required to read all of this, but the rest is useful as background for Oliveros' thinking.

    10. The girl crew partying for a better world | Dazed

      Webpage Recommended All-women(-identified) dance music crew based in London.

    11. Discwoman :

      Website Recommended US-based women-led DJ / producer / promoter collective.

    12. After Robot: Kwaito Music in Johannesburg (26 min, 2002) - YouTube

      Audio-visual document Recommended Watch this video for some background on the Steingo readings.

    13. Real Scenes: Johannesburg - YouTube

      Audio-visual document Background A more recent short documentary film on Johannesburg & kwaito

  3. Organology 14 items
    1. Playing with Something That Runs - Mark J. Butler 01/07/2014

      Book Essential NOTE: read only Chapter 2: 'Performing Performance: Interface Design, Liveness, and Listener Orientation.'

    2. MP3: the meaning of a format - Jonathan Sterne 2012

      Book Recommended

    3. MP3: the meaning of a format - Jonathan Sterne 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    4. Stems

      Webpage Background A new sound format proposed by Native Instruments. Read in comparison to Jonathan Sterne's MP3 book.

    5. Clara Rockmore - Summertime 20/6/2012

      Audio-visual document Essential

    6. Best of NIME 2014 1/2/2016

      Audio-visual document Essential

  4. Institutions 3 items
    1. Music Research and Psychoacoustics - Georgina Born 1995

      Chapter Essential Originally from: Rationalizing Culture: IRCAM, Boulez and the Institutionalization of the Musical Avant-garde. University of California Press.

    2. Page From: Sounds of the Underground, Michigan: University of Michigan Press.
    3. Page In: Georgina Born (ed.) Digital Musics: A Global Anthropology. Durham: Duke University Press.
  5. Practical Project Preparations 2 items

      Website  This is the remix site for Nine Inch Nails

  6. Sound Art 16 items
    1. Sound and art - Caleb Kelly

      Article Essential Overview of sound and its relation to the gallery arts

    2. Listening through the noise: the aesthetics of experimental electronic music - Joanna Teresa Demers 2010

      Book Essential Note: 'Minimal Objects in Microsound', p.69-90, and 'Site in Ambient, Soundscape and Field Recording', p.113-135, are essential.

    3. Listening through the noise: the aesthetics of experimental electronic music - Joanna Teresa Demers 2010

      Book Essential Note: 'Minimal Objects in Microsound', p.69-90, and 'Site in Ambient, Soundscape and Field Recording', p.113-135, are essential.

    4. Christian Marclay's Early Years: An Interview - Douglas Kahn and Christian Marclay 2003

      Article Essential Short interview with Christian Marclay by sound art historian Douglas Kahn

    5. John Cage and Recording - Yasunao Tone 2003

      Article Essential Short article by sound artist Yasunao Tone on the influence of John Cage


      Article Essential Discusses Johannes Kreidler and 'conceptual music' in Germany

    7. Background noise: perspectives on sound art - Brandon LaBelle 2015

      Book Recommended Chapter 10, Tuning Space: Max Neuhaus and Site-Specific Sound. 154-166.

    8. Background Noise, Second Edition - LaBelle, Brandon 2015

      Book Recommended Chapter 10, Tuning Space: Max Neuhaus and Site-Specific Sound. 154-166.

    9. Listening to Noise and Silence - Voegelin, Salomé 2010

      Chapter Recommended A phenomenological analysis of everyday listening and sound art. Recommended chapter is Time and Space, p.123-190.

    10. Two Moments from the Post-Medium Condition - Rosalind Krauss 2006

      Article Recommended Important article on 'post-medium' tendencies in art, which sound art participates in

    11. In the Blink of an Ear - Kim-Cohen, Seth 2009

      Chapter Recommended Another perspective on conceptual music . Recommended chapter is 'A Dot on a Line’, p.213-255

    12. Soundings: A Contemporary Score

      Webpage Background Website and programme for Soundings: A Contemporary Score, 2013 exhibition at Museum of Modern Art

  7. Transcription & Analysis 10 items
    1. Part III: Electronic Dance Music and the Epic

      Chapter Essential Skim through Ch. 5 'Multimeasure Patterning' and focus on Ch. 6, 'Form from the Record to the Set'

    2. Exchange Theories in Disco, New Wave, and Album-Oriented Rock

      Article Essential Read this as an example of 'genre analysis'

    3. Repeating Ourselves - Fink, Robert 2005

      Book Recommended See especially Chapter 1's analysis of Summer/Moroder's 'Love to Love You Baby'.

    4. Repeating ourselves: American minimal music as cultural practice - Robert Russell Fink 2005

      Book Recommended See especially Chapter 1's analysis of Summer/Moroder's 'Love to Love You Baby'.

    5. (Ac)cumulative Form in Pop-Rock Music - MARK SPICER 03/2004

      Article Recommended The analysis is of a Radiohead song (from Kid A), but the concept applies well to electronic music.

    6. Music, electronic media and culture - Simon Emmerson 2000

      Chapter Recommended Through and around the acousmatic: The interpretation of electroacoustic sounds

    7. Expanding the horizon of electroacoustic music analysis 2016

      Book Background See especially Ben Ramsay's chapter on 'Foil' by Autechre.

    8. .noncompliant. (DJ Shiva) @ Room 4 Resistance - ://about Blank garden - 10.09.2016 by Room 4 Resistance

      Audio document Background A recent DJ set by DJ Shiva a.k.a. .noncompliant. , who is quoted at length in Butler's book, Unlocking the Groove.

  8. Improvisation 12 items
    1. Making It Up and Breaking It Down - Mark J. Butler

      Chapter Essential Chapter 3: This text may seem long, but much if it is taken up by images and figures. Focus on literature review section and 'Analysis 2' (Jeff Mills), and skim the rest.

    2. Playing with something that runs: technology, improvisation, and composition in DJ and laptop performance - Mark J. Butler 2014

      Book Background Chapter 3 has been set as an essential reading (see above).

    3. Show Us Your Screens

      Audio-visual document Recommended Short documentary on live coding

    4. Experimental live coding stream -- Yaxu live from Hangar Barcelona. 5/8/2013

      Audio-visual document Background Yaxu (Alex McLean) improvising in his live coding language Tidal. Gets more beat oriented as it goes.

    5. The toplap manifesto

      Webpage Background The toplap manifesto. Fun but perhaps thought provoking!

    6. TOPLAP | the home of live coding

      Website Background Website devoted to the practice of live coding


      Website Background Information on various algoraves around the world

  9. Network Music 12 items
    1. NMF2013: The Hub on Vimeo Sunday, May 5, 2013 at 11:11 AM EST

      Audio-visual document Recommended

    2. Stuck Note

      Webpage Background A classic Hub piece

    3. Max Neuhaus

      Webpage Essential AV documentation of works discussed in Neuhaus argument

    4. Max Neuhaus - The Broadcast Works and Audium

      Document Essential Read pages 1-13 and check out the documentation on the website (link also in the Resource List)

    5. Improvisation and Social Aesthetics - Georgina Lewis, Eric Straw, Will Born

      Chapter Essential Read: George Lewis, FROM NETWORK BANDS TO UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING: Rich Gold and the Social Aesthetics of Interactivity

    6. Free as in BEER: Some Explorations into Structured Improvisation Using Networked Live-Coding Systems - Scott Wilson, Norah Lorway, Rosalyn Coull, Konstantinos Vasilakos 03/2014

      Article Recommended

    7. Lines of net music - Golo Föllmer 2005-12-1

      Article Recommended

    8. At a distance: precursors to art and activism on the Internet - Annmarie Chandler, Norie Neumark 2005

      Book Background Useful for more detail and background

  10. General Resources / Background 5 items
    1. Club cultures: music, media and subcultural capital - Sarah Thornton 1995

      Book Background One of the first ethnographic explorations of electronic dance music culture, informed by the 'subcultural studies' approach from the University of Birmingham's CCCS.

  11. Hacker / Maker Culture 13 items
    1. Music technology - Julio d' Escrivan Rincón 2012

      Chapter Essential Hacking electronics for music. Some background history, as well as a little technical discussion

    2. Hacking electronics for music - Julio dEscrivan

      Chapter Essential Some background history, as well as a little technical discussion

    3. Hackers Holding Hands 20/8/2009

      Audio-visual document Essential

    4. Technology Featured Instructables

      Webpage Recommended Website of crazy DIY projects, in technology as well as everything else.

    5. Reed Ghazala's Anti-Theory Workshop

      Website Background Homepage of Reed Ghazala, 'father' of circuit-bending

    6. How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination | Massimo Banzi 27/6/2012

      Audio-visual document Essential Video on Arduino culture

    7. Arduino - Home

      Website Background The Arduino Website. Have a look around

    8. The Maker Movement - Dale Dougherty 07/2012

      Article Essential