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    1. Action Research - Anne Burns

      Article  A briefer version of what the author goes into in depth in her various books.

  2. CPD Reading Group Resources 11 items
    1. MEETING 3 Tuesday 5th September 5.15pm Priorsfield 2 items
      1. How are we to understand plagiarism in doctoral writing? | DoctoralWriting SIG

        Webpage  This is a useful blog on the topic of plagiarism at PhD level that might be interesting to look at, too.

    2. MEETING 2 Friday 28th July 3-4.30 pm (Tea, coffee and cakes and bubbly) 4 items
      Please bring a bottle and a cake or some biccies to share! The text will be chosen from the four below by Doodle Poll and announced asap!
      1. International Student's Survival Guide - Chapter 5 Making Friends

        Book Recommended Co-written by our very own CPD co-ordinator Els Van Geyte. This is available for free via signup or can be bought in Kindle/e-edition Edition for a small charge. Please contact Jane to borrow a copy.

    3. MEETING 1 Thursday 15th June (Evening Social - Priorsfield 17.15 with optional meal following) 5 items
      Please look at the four suggested texts and make your choice using the Doodle Poll.
      1. English for Academic Purposes in Neoliberal Universities: A Critical Grounded Theory - Hadley, Gregory, Greg Hadley 2014

        Book Essential Online viewing access only - not downloadable. For a PDF from the Author himself, contact Jane.

      2. Lexical Differences and Similarities in the Humanities and the Sciences - Punjaporn Pojanapunya, Richard Watson Todd

        Article  Pages 156-171 of the document.

  3. CPD Writing Group Resources 2 items
    1. Scientific Writing: Make Writing Fun Dec 1, 2010

      Webpage  Focus on resources for Science Writing with some interesting resources on the writing process

  4. Publisher-based CPD Resources 3 items
    Cambridge, Oxford, Palgrave etc all offer some great online CPD and teaching resources. Some are EAP-related, some are more for general EFL and others may be useful for general professional development as a practitioner within HE.
  5. Professional Associations (EAP-EFL-HE-Applied Linguistics) 7 items
    1. BALEAP Resources

      Webpage  Baleap materials are all open access. This is a good way to take a look at previous conferences if you were unable to attend.

  6. EAP/EFL Blogs and Discussion Websites 7 items
  7. Journals Newsletters & Magazines 7 items
    1. The Teaching Times | TESOL France

      Webpage  Check out the Spring Issue 79 p.11 for an article written by one of our presessional teachers, Alicja.

  8. EAP/EFL Publications: The EAP Practitioner 12 items
    1. The flipped classroom - Paschalis Chliaras 2015/04/25

      Article  Written by one of our presessional teachers.

    2. Implementing new technologies as instructional models into ESP classes. - Paschalis Chliaras 2015/02/01

      Article  Written by one of our presessional teachers.

    3. EAP Essentials: Teacher's Book and CD-Rom: A Teacher's Guide to Principles and Practice - Olwyn Alexander et al 1 April 2008

      Book Essential This book is currently unavailable in the library but can be ordered online from Amazon.

    4. Motivational strategies in the language classroom - Zoltán Dörnyei 2001

      Book Recommended

    5. Motivational Strategies in the Language Classroom - Zoltan Dornyei 2001

      Book Recommended Also available in hard copy from the Main Library.

    6. Group dynamics in the language classroom - Zöltan Dörnyei, Tim Murphey 2003

      Book Recommended

    7. Group Dynamics in the Language Classroom - Zoltan Dornyei, Tim Murphey 2003

      Book Recommended Also available in hard copy from the Main Library.

    8. EAP for the 21st century learner | Onestopenglish

      Webpage  OneStopEnglish has lots of general EFL resources but some recent materials have a specific EAP focus.

    9. Successful academic writing - Andy Gillett, Angela Hammond, Mary Martala-Lockett 2009

      Book Essential

    10. Inside Track to Successful Academic Writing - Andy Gillett, Angela Hammond, and Mary Martala 2010

      Book Essential

    11. Communicative activities for EAP - Jenni Guse, Scott Thornbury 2011

      Book Essential

  9. Teaching with Technology in EAP 9 items
    1. Technology enhanced learning on the IFP

      Document  Aimed at Foundation level but lots of great ideas here that can be adapted and transferred to all levels and programmes.

  10. Assessment (in EAP & HE) 3 items
    1. Transforming Assessment

      Website  Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC)-based resource but a very useful source of inspiration for discussions and webinars on assessment in a digital age in university contexts.

  11. Student Welfare/Classroom Management 1 item