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  1. Key academic journals 2 items
  2. Key websites 3 items
  3. Overall Texts 7 items
    1. Urban planning theory since 1945 - Nigel Taylor 1998

      Book  Taylor’s book is a beginners guide to planning theory. It is very accessibly written and provides some very helpful explanations of some of the key planning theories discussed in the module. It is an excellent starting point for reading around these topics.

    2. Planning theory - Philip Allmendinger 2002

      Book  Allmendinger’s Planning Theory is another instructor’s textbook on planning theory. Allmendinger’s is more comprehensive and generally more intellectual than Taylors and also provides an excellent starting point for many of the theories considered in the module. There are two editions of the book and the historical discussions are similar in both.

    3. Readings in planning theory - Scott Campbell, Susan S. Fainstein 2012

      Book  This reader in planning theory includes a range of key historical writings on planning theory. Campbell and Feinstein provide a helpful introductory chapter as well as section introductions throughout which provide introductions and reflections on the readings included. Some of these readings are key readings for the module, but many of the others are also useful as additional reading on certain topics.

    4. The Evolution of Planning Thought: First Glimpses 20/10/2014

      Audio-visual document  A short video where well-known planning academics and theorists give their definition of planning.

    5. Town and Country Planning in the UK - 15th Edition - Barry Cullingworth, Vincent Nadin, Trevor Hart, Simin Davoudi 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book  Chapter 1 provides a useful general introduction to the role of planning and the planner.

    6. Urban planning: an introduction - Chris Couch 2016

      Book  Chapter 1 relates particularly to the content of this module.

  4. Week 1 19 items
    1. The common good - Amitai Etzioni 2004


    2. The SAGE Companion to the City March 19, 2008 (Paperback)


    3. Urban and Regional Planning - Peter Hall, Mark Tewdwr-Jones 2010 (electronic resource)


    4. Planning Past and Future: Early 21st Century Reflections 22/10/2009

      Audio-visual document  A video of Sir Peter Hall discussing the history of planning to an American audience in 2009.

    5. The Secret History of Our Streets Thursday, 10 Nov 2016

      Audio-visual document 

    6. LETCHWORTH - A Potted History 4/12/2009

      Audio-visual document  A short 3 minute video about Letchworth, the first Garden City.

    7. Letchworth Garden City 29/9/2014

      Audio-visual document  A 12 minute video about Letchworth, the first Garden City.

  5. Week 2 21 items
    1. City Design : Modernist, Traditional, Green and Systems Perspectives - Jonathan Barnett 2016

      Book  Chapter 2 is recommended for further information on modernist city design.

    2. Andreas Faludi - Planning Theory - Extended 13/6/2014

      Audio-visual document  An interview with influential planning theorist Andreas Faludi.

    3. Remembering Jane Jacobs 26/10/2011

      Audio-visual document  A short 5 minute video about the life of Jane Jacobs.

    4. Le Corbusier - Documentary - Part 1 3/6/2012

      Audio-visual document  Part 1 of a documentary about Le Corbusier.

    5. Citizen Jane: Battle for the City Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017

      Audio-visual document 

    6. Le Corbusier - Documentary - Part 2 3/6/2012

      Audio-visual document  Part 2 of a documentary about Le Corbusier.

    7. From Here To Modernity - episode 1 [2001] on Vimeo Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 3:39 PM EST

      Audio-visual document 

    8. Russel Brand Interviews David Harvey about Marxism

      Audio document  This podcast was broadcast on 21/09/2017. In the interview David Harvey outlines the basics of Marxism and its implications for the world today.

  6. Week 3 22 items
    1. Planning in postmodern times - Philip Allmendinger 2001 (Electronic resource)


    2. The postmodern urban condition - M. J. Dear 1999


    3. Planning theory - Andreas Faludi 1973


    4. Rationality and power: democracy in practice - Bent Flyvbjerg 1998


    5. Towards cosmopolis: planning for multicultural cities - Leonie Sandercock 1998


    6. Justice and the politics of difference - Iris Marion Young c1990


    7. Landscapes of power: from Detroit to Disney World - Sharon Zukin c1991


    8. The Neoliberal City 4/10/2010

      Audio-visual document  A talk by David Harvey given in 2007 on the subject of the neoliberal city.

    9. Big Think Interview With Sharon Zukin 23/4/2012

      Audio-visual document  A 30 minute interview with Sharon Zukin reflecting upon the city.

  7. Week 4 22 items
    1. The new spatial planning: territorial management with soft spaces and fuzzy boundaries - Graham Haughton 2010


    2. Interview with Leonie Sandercock 1/4/2010

      Audio-visual document  A short interview with Leonie Sandercock.

    3. Susan Feinstein: Alexander von Humboldt Lecture: "Justice in the Neo-liberal City" 4/11/2014

      Audio-visual document  Talk by Susan Fainstein entitled 'Justice in the Neoliberal City'.

    4. The Fluid Scales and Scope of UK Spatial Planning - Philip Allmendinger, Graham Haughton 06/2007


  8. Week 5 5 items
    1. My 60 Years as a Planner - Richard S. Bolan 02/07/2016


    2. Senior Loeb Scholar lecture: David Harvey 30/3/2016

      Audio-visual document  A lecture given in 2016 at the Harvard School of Design by David Harvey. Harvey discusses the relationship between the growth of the global economy and urbanisation and considers the present and future of urbanisation globally. He is introduced by Susan Fainstein.