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**Prepare your Resource Lists for Academic Year 19/20 as early as possible**

Create and update your Resource Lists ready for Academic Year 19/20. To ensure students have access to the resources they need, "request a review" of your list by 31st July to trigger library orders for new items and generate checks for e-copies, new editions and library-use only copies. Follow the getting started steps and please see our advised timings

Online access to OUP Very Short Introductions

This year we are trialling online access to the collection of OUP Very Short Introductions . These have been funded from the Wilkinson bequest. Why not take a look for your subject area and link to these on your Resource List?

Resource Lists Student Video Guide

Point your students towards our new short Resource List video guide. This provides students with guidance in using, navigating and personalising their lists, as well as researching beyond Resource Lists. Why not add the video to your own lists?

Where can I find help?

Online Guide- How to use Resource Lists Guidance, videos, examples and everything you need to know!

Sign up to a workshop. Attend a one-hour workshop to find out how to edit and add resources to a list, embed into CANVAS, order books for the library and request digitisations of hardcopy material.

Have a query or need 1:1 help? Please contact your Engagement Advisor for further help