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Accounting and financial management NO_MODULE_CODE_1385 Module
Actuarial work, pensions and insurance NO_MODULE_CODE_6497 Module
Animal and plant careers NO_MODULE_CODE_6452 Module
Assessment Centres NO_MODULE_CODE_4789 Module
Careers Collection NO_MODULE_CODE_13593 Module
Careers Network Resources NO_MODULE_CODE_2900 Module
Charities NO_MODULE_CODE_6625 Module
Charities, non-profit and voluntary NO_MODULE_CODE_4682 Module
Communications NO_MODULE_CODE_2471 Module
Construction, civil engineering and property NO_MODULE_CODE_4725 Module
Creative Arts NO_MODULE_CODE_3317 Module
Cultural, museum, libraries and heritage NO_MODULE_CODE_4197 Module
CVs and covering letters NO_MODULE_CODE_1112 Module
Employability NO_MODULE_CODE_985 Module
Engineering & manufacturing NO_MODULE_CODE_9684 Module
Enterprise NO_MODULE_CODE_5048 Module
Healthcare & psychology NO_MODULE_CODE_8746 Module
Heritage NO_MODULE_CODE_6624 Module
Hospitality & events management NO_MODULE_CODE_3796 Module
Human Resources and Administration NO_MODULE_CODE_2674 Module
Information technology & computing NO_MODULE_CODE_9874 Module
IT and Computing NO_MODULE_CODE_3351 Module
Legal NO_MODULE_CODE_7981 Module
Leisure, Sport and Tourism NO_MODULE_CODE_9762 Module
Logistics & transport NO_MODULE_CODE_9634 Module
Management consultancy NO_MODULE_CODE_4618 Module
Managing Group Dynamics NO_MODULE_CODE_1889 Module
Public Sector NO_MODULE_CODE_2569 Module
Retail and Sales NO_MODULE_CODE_6824 Module
Science and Healthcare NO_MODULE_CODE_5589 Module
Science, research, and pharmaceuticals NO_MODULE_CODE_8739 Module
Self Employment NO_MODULE_CODE_3467 Module
Social Care and Community NO_MODULE_CODE_4651 Module
Teaching and Education NO_MODULE_CODE_2957 Module
Teamwork and leadership NO_MODULE_CODE_159 Module

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