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'Freedom', Control and Critique 08-30186 Module
Applied Qualitative and Quantitative Methods NO_MODULE_CODE_8549 Module
BA2 Criminal Justice Systems 08-26865 Module
BA2: Doing Justice 08-32420 Module
Comparative Social Policy 08-28761 Module
Contemporary Social Theory 08-30182 Module
Crime and the City 08-30192 Module
Divided Publics? 08-30184 Module
Drugs: Society, Politics and Policy 08-31739 Module
Finding out about Social Policy (08 24197) 08-24197 Module
From Beveridge to Cameron: The Political History of the Welfare State Since the Second World War 08-22085 Module
Global Issues: Perspectives from Policy, Politics and Economics 08-26866 Module
Globalisation, International Migration and Citizenship (08 27288) 08-27288 Module
Harmful Societies: Crime, Social Harm & Social Justice 08-27251 Module
Housing and Communities (08 27007) 08-27007 Module
International Social Policy 08-03677 Module
Introduction to Criminology 08-26858 Module
Introduction to Social Policy (08 26006 ) 08-26006 Module
LC Crime and Society 08-31461 Module
LC Safeguarding and Care Pathways in Mental Health and Deafness 08-23022 Module
LC Social Problems and Social Policy: Social Science in Action Part I 08-33998 Module
LC Social Research I (Part 1) A 08-33994 Module
LC The Sociological Imagination 08-30172 Module
LI Criminological Theory II 08-31462 Module
LI Self and Society 08-30178 Module
LM Contemporary Issues in Social Policy 08-29288 Module
LM Dissertation 08-07951 Module
LM Engagement and Support in Working with Carers in Social Care Practice with Adults 08-27343 Module
LM Sociology of race and racism 08-30491 Module
LM Transforming Identities 08-34477 Module
LM Transforming Societies 08-34476 Module
Managing Health and Social Care (08 23489) 08-23489 Module
Media and Society 08-30174 Module
Migration, Super-diversity, Policy and Practice 08-26529 Module
New Migration and super-diversity 08-22830 Module
Philosophies of Welfare 08-30200 Module
Philosophies of Welfare: creating new societies 08-34491 Module
Policy Analysis (08 26859) 08-26859 Module
Policy Futures: Theories and Concepts in International Policymaking (08 26754) 08-26754 Module
Political Sociology 08-30189 Module
Poverty, Class and Inequality 08-30171 Module
Poverty, Wealth and Inequality 08-31467 Module
Power, Control and Resistance NO_MODULE_CODE_8954 Module
Punishment in a Global Context 08-27250 Module
Regression with categorical dependent variables: and introduction using Stata 08-29151 Module
Researching Social Policy (08 06663) 08-06663 Module
Sectors and Services (08 17534) 08-17534 Module
Social Divisions: Class, Gender, ‘Race’ and Ethnicity 08-30170 Module
Social Identity, Citizenship and Social Work Practice 08-25948 Module
Social Problems and Social Policy 0822084 Module
Sociology of Film 08-26047 Module
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity - A Global Perspective 08-26046 Module
Sociology of Success and Fame 08-21906 Module
The Prospects for British Social Policy 08-08515 Module
The Prospects for British Social Policy (08 08514) 08-08514 Module
Violence in a Global Context 08-28752 Module
Women's Risk Needs Assessment (WRNA) End User NO_MODULE_CODE_0991 Module
Your Money and Your Life: From Welfare State to Personal Finance (08 23837 ) 08-23837 Module
Youth, Crime and Justice (08 26861) 08-26861 Module

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