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Applied Research Methods and Ethics 02-34180 Module
Cells and Cancer (Integrated Base Based Learning 1) 01-21054 Module
Clinical Core 2 01-24932 Module
Clinical Core 3 01-36121 Module
Clinical Core 4 01-22327 Module
Clinical Procedural Skills 01-28663 Module
Community Based Medicine NO_MODULE_CODE_14735 Module
Community Based Medicine 1 01-00223 Module
Community Based Medicine: Year 4 NO_MODULE_CODE_674 Module
Complex Issues 01-23518 Module
Conference Poster Presentation 01-19394 Module
Doctors, Patients and Society (DPS) NO_MODULE_CODE_4545 Module
Effects of Work on Health and Fitness for Work 01-22108 Module
Elective and Report 01-23798 Module
Epilepsy - An Introduction 01-17623 Module
Ethics and Law in Clinical Practice: A Reflective Case Study 01-26370 Module
Evidence-based Medicine 01-26396 Module
Foundations of Medical Science and Practice 1 01-26398 Module
Foundations of Medical Science and Practice 2 01-26399 Module
Foundations of Medical Science and Practice 3 01-26400 Module
Foundations of Medical Science and Practice 4 01-26403 Module
Fuels (Integrated Cased Based Learning 3) 01-17446 Module
HEE/NIHR ICA Mentorship Scheme NO_MODULE_CODE_6687 Module
HIER (Health Improvement Evidence Review) 01-27001 Module
History of Disease Theories 01-27066 Module
Immediate Life Support 01-24248 Module
Introduction to Immunology 01-25692 Module
Learning and Teaching 01-19266 Module
Legal Aspects 02-00281 Module
LH Experimental Immunology 01-33882 Module
LH Immunology and liver disease: applications of immunotherapy 01-30494 Module
LH Liver function in health and disease 02-33913 Module
LH Ophthalmology 01-37106 Module
LH Quantitative and Qualitative Methods 02-34181 Module
LM Brain and Mind 01-17622 Module
LM General and Adult Medicine as a Physician Associate: Theory and Practice (Year 1) 01-28617 Module
LM Immunotherapy 01-25698 Module
LM Immunotherapy 1 01-33513 Module
LM Inflammation and Cell Migration 01-25697 Module
LM Neurodegenerative Disorders 01-33107 Module
LM Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management 07-28971 Module
LM Specialist and Acute Medicine as a Physician Associate: Theory and Practice (Year 2) 01-28616 Module
Loss and Renewal (Integrated Case Based Learning 5) 01-17448 Module
MBChB All Resources NO_MODULE_CODE_4555 Module
Medicine and Society 1750-1950 02-28956 Module
Molecular and Cellular Biology 03-27614 Module
Molecular Mechanisms in Immune Cell Differentiation and Function 01-25695 Module
Occupational Ergonomics 01-18360 Module
Occupational Exposure and Risk Assessment 01-21946 Module
Occupational Mental Health 01-18361 Module
Occupational Toxicology 02-18055 Module
PIP Health, Religion and Spirituality NO_MODULE_CODE_5667 Module
Prescribing Safety Assessment 01-28362 Module
Principles and Practices of Occupational Health 01-18366 Module
Professional Development Activities 01-26395 Module
Research Methods (DL) 02-23754 Module
Research Methods in History of Medicine 01-21473 Module
Reviewing Education for Health Professionals 11-24244 Module
Risk Management 01-18489 Module
Somatoform Disorders 01-25537 Module
Supply and Demand (Integrated Case Based Learning 4) 01-17447 Module
The History of Medical Institutions, 1700-1950 02-22968 Module
Thinking and Doing (Integrated Case Based Learning 6) 01-17449 Module
Threats and Defence (Integrated Case Based Learning 2) 01-17445 Module
Tourette Syndrome 01-17636 Module
Tumour, Autoimmunity and Transplant Immunology 01-25696 Module
Written Professional Communication 01-36125 Module
Year 2 Hospital Preparation Course 01-23988 Module
Year 5 Selected Career Experience 01-26048 Module
Year 5 Student Assistantship 01-26716 Module

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