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6 Week Presessional Accounting and Finance NO_MODULE_CODE_7657 Module
6 Week Presessional Arts and Humanities NO_MODULE_CODE_7655 Module
6 Week Presessional Business Management NO_MODULE_CODE_7656 Module
6 Week Presessional STEM NO_MODULE_CODE_7654 Module
Academic English and Skills Development for PGT LCHAM NO_MODULE_CODE_8788 Module
BIA - Background Resources NO_MODULE_CODE_1248 Module
BIA Continuing Professional Development Resources NO_MODULE_CODE_543 Module
BIA EPS Pathway NO_MODULE_CODE_554 Module
BIA Foundation English and Academic Study Skills (All Levels) NO_MODULE_CODE_538 Module
BIA Foundation Jan Start English and Academic Study Skills (All Levels) NO_MODULE_CODE_483 Module
BIA Pre-Masters Academic English and Study Skills NO_MODULE_CODE_143 Module
BIA Presessional Programme NO_MODULE_CODE_2323 Module
BIA Resources- English and Academic Study Skills (Dubai) NO_MODULE_CODE_2338 Module
BIA SSBL Pathway NO_MODULE_CODE_112 Module
LC Academic English Sessions 09-35372 Module
LF History, Culture, Society and Economy in the UAE 09-35429 Module
LF History, Culture, Society and Economy in the UAE 09-35428 Module
LM Academic English and Communicating in Science 09-35843 Module
Presessional Course NO_MODULE_CODE_2324 Module
Presessional Course Accounting and Finance NO_MODULE_CODE_3221 Module
Presessional Course Arts and Humanities NO_MODULE_CODE_3219 Module
Presessional Course Business Management NO_MODULE_CODE_3220 Module
Presessional Course STEM NO_MODULE_CODE_3218 Module
Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics 07-24630 Module
Synthesise for Success 11-29865 Module
Working with International Students: Staff Resources NO_MODULE_CODE_627 Module

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