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Advanced Modern Asia (08 19471) 08-19471 Module
Analysing Political Worlds 08-26957 Module
Arguing Against Tyranny 08-32400 Module
Asia-Pacific Security 08-11801 Module
Body Politics 08-31389 Module
British Politics (08 20898) 08-20898 Module
Chinese Foreign Policy 08-32526 Module
Comparative Politics 08-29356 Module
Conflict and Peace: Theory and Practice NO_MODULE_CODE_7931 Module
Conflict, Statehood and Sovereignty in World Politics 08-29055 Module
Contemporary US Foreign and Security Policy (08 20909) 08-20909 Module
Controversies in Contemporary Democracies: Comparative Perspectives (POLS 318) (08 22555 ) 08-22555 Module
Corruption and Clientalism NO_MODULE_CODE_3421 Module
Debates in Political Theory 08-36019 Module
Democracy and Democratization in Contemporary Europe (08 20918) 08-20918 Module
Diplomacy and Statecraft 08-32406 Module
Diplomatic History since 1945 (POLS 206) NO_MODULE_CODE_5635 Module
Ethnic Conflict and Its Management 08-31376 Module
European Union Politics 08-31208 Module
Exploring Europe: Politics, Economics and Culture 08-31207 Module
Fear, Co-operation and Trust in World Politics (POLS G505H) NO_MODULE_CODE_14462 Module
Feminist Political Ideals 08-29303 Module
Gender and Sexuality 08-19221 Module
Gender in World Politics POLS 341 (08 22879 ) 08-22879 Module
Germany's Foreign Policy since the Cold War NO_MODULE_CODE_14856 Module
Global Capitalism and Migration, REES 314 08-27334 Module
Global Cooperation in practice 08-25941 Module
Global Environmental Governance (POLS G503H) (08 26173 ) 08-26173 Module
Global Governance 08-27732 Module
Global Societies (08 22860) 08-22860 Module
Globalisation and Governance 08-06687 Module
Globalisation, Capitalism and Welfare 08-32413 Module
Government and Society - Academic Writing NO_MODULE_CODE_6534 Module
International Negotiation 08-32529 Module
International Political Economy 08-33046 Module
International Politics and Security in Russia and Eurasia 08-23432 Module
International Politics of East Asia 08-31213 Module
International Relations of the Middle East 08-29292 Module
International Relations Theory 08-20900 Module
International Security 08-20903 Module
Introduction to International Relations Theory 08-32175 Module
Introduction to Political Economy, POLS 107 08-20891 Module
Introduction to Political Theory 08-31384 Module
Introduction to US Domestic Politics POLS 217 08-31212 Module
Issues in US Domestic Politics 08-23878 Module
Law, Politics and the International System 08-27837 Module
LC Debates in World Politics 08-34532 Module
LC Global Development Challenges I 08-34184 Module
LC Global History 09-34564 Module
LC Politics as a Vocation I 08-34004 Module
LC Politics as a Vocation II 08-34005 Module
LC Russian Politics: From Revolution to Putin NO_MODULE_CODE_9990 Module
Left Parties and Protest Movements POLS 338 (08 22558) 08-22558 Module
LH Environment and climate politics: from global to local 08-36020 Module
LH Environment, Politics and Society A 08-16781 Module
LH Environment, Politics and Society B 08-16782 Module
LH Global Security 08-36022 Module
LH Migration Diplomacy in the Middle East 08-31332 Module
LH Nationalism and Empires in Europe 08-31390 Module
LH Nationalism and Empires in Europe 08-31399 Module
LH New Media, Social Media and Politics 08-36024 Module
LH Parties and Voters across the Globe 08-36025 Module
LH Politics in Russia 08-32408 Module
LH Problems in World Politics (Independent Study) 08-29302 Module
LH Rebuilding war torn states: confronting legacies of conflict 08-31386 Module
LI Elections and Voting in Britain 08-29918 Module
LI Quantitative Political Analysis 08-31391 Module
LI Race, Empire, and Modern Political Theory 08-32550 Module
LI Soviet Politics: Rise and Fall of a Superpower 08-31336 Module
LM Dilemmas in International Relations 08-33015 Module
LM Diplomatic History 08-33038 Module
LM International Relations Theory 08-33048 Module
LM Liberalism and Its Global Discontents 08-32401 Module
Modern Sociological Theory 08-30177 Module
Nuclear Weapons in International Relations 08-32530 Module
Parliamentary Studies 08-32399 Module
Pathways to Research (Political/IR, I/II) NO_MODULE_CODE_8899 Module
Political Economy of Energy and Energy Security 08-31760 Module
Political Economy of Russia NO_MODULE_CODE_8675 Module
Political Psychology of Conflict and Cooperation 08-28842 Module
Politics and the State (POLS G34H) 08-23202 Module
Politics as a Vocation 08-26066 Module
Politics for a Changing World 08-28802 Module
Politics for a Changing World 11-27875 Module
Politics in a Changing World 11-24628 Module
Politics of Migrants, Refugees, and Diasporas in the Middle East 08-29304 Module
Politics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (POLS G2H) (08 23052) 08-23052 Module
Politics, Music and the Arts 08-29306 Module
POLS 100: Research Skills and Methods NO_MODULE_CODE_1010 Module
POLS 244: War and Peace in Theory and Practice 08-31339 Module
POLSG36 Governing British Capitalism 08-29351 Module
Populism in Contemporary Politics (POLS 368) 08-29298 Module
Populism, Radicalism and Conservatism in British Party Politics 08-28353 Module
Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and International Order (08 23404) 08-23404 Module
Power in Britain 08-20907 Module
Public Choice Theory (07 02684 ) 07-02684 Module
Radical Social Theory: Modernism to Postmodernism 08-32418 Module
Rebels and Revolutionaries 08-31392 Module
Rising Powers and Global Order (08 26175) 08-26175 Module
Russian Foreign Policy 08-27850 Module
School of Govt & Society Doctoral Research Training 2019/20 08-30374 Module
Security in Europe: Actors, Crises and Threats, POLS 319 08-28902 Module
Security Studies (POLS G22) 08-33051 Module
Sex, Death, Gender and (in)Security (POLS G13H) (08 23416 ) 08-23416 Module
Social Justice and Politics 08-27331 Module
Sociology of Everyday Life (08-30168) 08-30168 Module
Sociology of Health and Illness (SOC315) 08-25073 Module
Sociology of Personal Life 08-30185 Module
Strategy, leadership and foreign policy NO_MODULE_CODE_1199 Module
Terrorism and Political Violence (POLS G3H) (08 23407) 08-23407 Module
The Diplomacy of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 08-27327 Module
The EU in a Globalised World 08-31574 Module
Theories of Global Politics (08 29057) 08-29057 Module
Topics in British Politics 08-20912 Module
Understanding Brexit: Identity and Euroscepticism in Europe 08-31398 Module
Understanding Foreign Policy 08-31571 Module
Understanding Politics 08-26060 Module
US Foreign and Defence Policy 08-33053 Module
Varieties of Politics : the Comparative Politics of Parties, Institutions and Regimes (08 33016) 08-33016 Module

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