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Aid and Beyond Aid 07-20146 Module
Authoritarianism and Development 07-30347 Module
Conflict Analysis and Humanitarian Intervention 07-30285 Module
Conflict and Development 07-30272 Module
Conflict and Development (DL) 07-30271 Module
Development in Practice 07-23086 Module
Development in Practice (DL) 08-32410 Module
Development Politics 08-20138 Module
Development Politics (DL) 07-23947 Module
Development Theory and Practice (Undergraduate) 07-27657 Module
Disability and Development 08-30565 Module
Disability and Development (DL Version) NO_MODULE_CODE_5422 Module
DL MSc Induction Module NO_MODULE_CODE_9999 Module
Gender and Development 07-21528 Module
Governance and State-building 07-30566 Module
IDD Teaching Circle NO_MODULE_CODE_2904 Module
International Development 07-30282 Module
International Development (DL) 08-32409 Module
Introduction to Causal Inference 08-31684 Module
Introduction to Development Projects (DL) 07-20788 Module
LC Introduction to International Development 07-34559 Module
LC Politics of Development 08-34438 Module
LH Development Politics 08-23880 Module
LM Development Policy and Politics 08-30273 Module
LM Dissertation 07-07943 Module
LM Dissertation (Distance Learning) 07-30601 Module
LM Human Resource Management and Development 08-30567 Module
LM Public Management and Leadership 08-22633 Module
Making Policy 07-08345 Module
NGOs in a Changing International Context 07-30291 Module
Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development (Campus) 07-22529 Module
Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development (Distance) 07-23948 Module
Poverty and Inequality: Interventions and Approaches 07-30292 Module
Rural Poverty and Development 07-20781 Module
Social analysis of poverty and development 07-21323 Module
Social Analysis of Poverty, Inequality and Development (SAIPD) – Campus NO_MODULE_CODE_2379 Module
Transforming Development for Sustainability 07-21556 Module
Urban Poverty and Policy 07-02877 Module

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