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Adaptations to Changing Environments (03 22393 ) 03-22393 Module
Alpine and Glacial Ecology in Norway 03-22127 Module
Animal Behaviour: Theory to Application 03-36076 Module
ASC Lab reports for Biosciences NO_MODULE_CODE_3328 Module
Assessing Toxic Potential 03-28626 Module
Bacterial Gene Regulation (03 25343) 03-25343 Module
BIO177 First Year Skills 2 03-32174 Module
BIO279 Ecology NO_MODULE_CODE_211207 Module
BIO305 Molecular Basis of Bacterial Infection 03-23344 Module
Cancer Biology 03-21893 Module
Cell and Developmental Biology (03 24985) 03-24985 Module
Cell Biology and Physiology (03 23318) 03-23318 Module
Cellular Neurobiology 03-21649 Module
Cellular Neurobiology (03 14675) 03-14675 Module
Chemistry for Biochemists 1 04-23617 Module
Chemistry for Biochemists 2 03-23628 Module
Critical Analysis and Developing a Research Proposal 03-23992 Module
Critical Issues for 21st Century Ecosystems 03-30145 Module
Ecological Concepts and Plant Sciences 03-27806 Module
Eukaryotic Gene Expression 03-11221 Module
Evolution of Humans and Other Animals 03-28780 Module
Experimental Design, Analysis and Interpretation of Biochemical Data 03-24258 Module
Field Course: Adaptations to Aquatic Environments 03-24986 Module
Forensic & Clinical Toxicology 03-28628 Module
Functional Genomics and Reverse Genetics 03-25355 Module
Fundamentals of Biochemistry 03-28776 Module
Genetics 1 (03 23320) 03-23320 Module
Genetics II 03-13160 Module
Human Evolution (03 25349 ) 03-25349 Module
Human Health and Disease 03-28011 Module
Human Nutrition and Metabolism 03-30143 Module
Human Structure and Function 03-26999 Module
Introduction to Evolution and Animal Biology (03 22924 ) 03-22924 Module
Introduction to Microbiology 03-28777 Module
LC Essential Genetics 03-34392 Module
LC Personal and Academic Development 03-34136 Module
LC Personal and Academic Skills: Communication and Data Analysis 03-34133 Module
LF Introduction to Biology and Mathematics for Psychology 03-35431 Module
LF Introduction to Biology and Mathematics for Psychology 03-35430 Module
LH Bacterial pathogenesis: methods and applications 03-36113 Module
LH Conservation Practice: Genes to Ecosystems 03-27876 Module
LH Current developments and advances in Eukaryotic Genetics 03-30790 Module
LH Omics for Biomedical Research 03-30948 Module
LI Academic Development & Career Building 03-34123 Module
LI Animal Biology: Principles and Mechanisms 03-28822 Module
LI Communication and Skills in Biosciences 03-35415 Module
LI Microbiology: Medicine, Environment, and Industry 03-37115 Module
LI Topics in Medical Biosciences 03-18540 Module
Living in groups: collective behaviour in animals (03 25197 ) 03-25197 Module
Living Organisms 03-32099 Module
LM Antibiotics, Microbial Surfaces and Surface Interactions 03-27219 Module
LM Antimicrobials and Resistance 03-36715 Module
LM Bacterial Gene Regulation 03-26427 Module
LM Bacterial pathogenesis: methods and applications 03-36114 Module
LM Bioinformatics Group Project: Seed of an Idea 02-34334 Module
LM Cancer Biology 03-23506 Module
LM Computational Biology for Complex Systems 03-37239 Module
LM Conservation Practice: Genes to Ecosystems 03-27877 Module
LM Core Concepts and Skills in Microbiology 03-36720 Module
LM Current developments and advances in Eukaryotic Genetics 03-30795 Module
LM Eukaryotic Gene Expression 03-21645 Module
LM Host-Microbe Interactions 03-36721 Module
LM Human Evolution 03-22939 Module
LM Introduction to Biology and Programming 03-37234 Module
LM Introduction to Biotechnology: from genes to products 03-33648 Module
LM Molecular and Cellular Immunology 03-22940 Module
LM Omics for Biomedical Research 03-30949 Module
LM Practical Applications of Molecular Biotechnology 03-23114 Module
LM Practical Skills for Toxicologists 03-33639 Module
LM Research Techniques in Molecular Biotechnology 03-23172 Module
LM Scientific Communication 03-37240 Module
LM Structures of Destruction: the Structural Biology of Pathogenicity 03-21596 Module
Membranes, Energy and Metabolism 03-23328 Module
Metabolism 03-28778 Module
Metabolism and Mechanisms of Toxicology 03-28629 Module
Molecular and Cellular Immunology 03-21894 Module
Molecular Biology and its Applications 03-19822 Module
Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutic Biologicals from Bench to Market 03-27374 Module
Physical Biochemistry (03 22652) 03-22652 Module
Plant Sciences: From Cells to the Environment (03 13282) 03-13282 Module
Proteins and Enzymes (03 23326) 03-23326 Module
Regulatory Science and Toxicology for the 21st Century 03-28632 Module
Responses to global environmental change 03-36120 Module
Responses to global environmental change 03-36118 Module
Scientific Communication NO_MODULE_CODE_2391 Module
Structures of Destruction 03-15851 Module

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