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Advanced Pedagogies 11-28843 Module
Advancing Practice Through Personal and Professional Development 02-21087 Module
Adventurous and Outdoor Activities (11 23859) 11-23859 Module
Analysis of Motor Performance 03-35271 Module
Applications of Sport and Exercise Psychology 03-28724 Module
Applied Custom Fitting 11-27480 Module
Applied Exercise Physiology 03-35288 Module
Applied Golf Coaching 11-27473 Module
Applied Sports Science 09-15177 Module
Applied Sports Science and Golf Coaching 03-36176 Module
Applied Teaching and Coaching: Swimming (11 19163) 11-19163 Module
Athletic training and conditioning 03-35274 Module
Biochemistry and Cell Physiology (03 23607) 03-23607 Module
By-Band-Sleeve Project NO_MODULE_CODE_1973 Module
Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation 03-35277 Module
Developing as a Researcher 03-34033 Module
Development of Teaching and Coaching 11-34046 Module
Digital Practice in Sport, Exercise and Health 11-30079 Module
Digital Practice in Sport, Exercise and Health (Dubai) 03-37323 Module
Environmental physiology 03-23942 Module
Exercise and Behavioural Immunology 03-19176 Module
Exercise Biochemistry 03-32455 Module
Exercise Physiology 03-23647 Module
Financial Performance (09 18202) 09-18202 Module
Functional Anatomy 02-32457 Module
Global challenges in Sport and Physical Education 03-36174 Module
Health Psychology 03-28409 Module
Human Physiology 03-20422 Module
Human Resource Management (09 18201) 09-18201 Module
Innovation and Professional Practice 11-23862 Module
Innovation in Professional Development 11-31222 Module
Innovation in Professional Development (Dubai) 03-37325 Module
Integrated Coaching 11-23926 Module
Interdisciplinary Research and Impact 03-36399 Module
Introduction to Golf Business 03-36181 Module
Introduction to Sports Science 03-36180 Module
Introduction to Sports Science and Golf Coaching 03-36182 Module
Introduction to Sports Science in Coaching 11-27455 Module
LC Becoming a Researcher 03-32454 Module
LC Equipment Technology I 11-26420 Module
LC Functional Anatomy and Human Movement 03-28399 Module
LC Human Physiology and Exercise 03-32468 Module
LC Introduction to Science Communication 03-34036 Module
LC Movement and Learning 03-32452 Module
LD Developing Research for Sport and Exercise Science 08-35383 Module
LH Civic Engagement Dissertation 03-29820 Module
LH Developing Professional Practice 11-34511 Module
LH Exercise as Medicine 03-27534 Module
LH Human Cardiovascular and Respiratory Control in Exercise 03-28547 Module
LH Leading and Managing People 11-34528 Module
LH Research Methods and Skills in Sport 11-34529 Module
LH Transition to Physiotherapy 02-27939 Module
LI Applied Golf Business Management 11-37571 Module
LI Control Of Human Movement 03-28749 Module
LI Data science and statistical analyses 03-34035 Module
LI Exercise Metabolism 03-19172 Module
LI Sports Nutrition 03-29267 Module
LM Advanced Pedagogies 03-37322 Module
LM Player and Participant Development 03-37327 Module
Metabolic Perspectives in Exercise and Nutrition 03-35279 Module
Moral Behaviour and Doping in Sport & Exercise 03-35280 Module
Motivation in Sport and Exercise Settings 03-23610 Module
Motor Learning and Neuroplasticity 03-29956 Module
Perception and Action 03-29821 Module
Performing in Extreme Environments 03-35282 Module
Player and Participant Development 11-23931 Module
Principles of Golf Coaching 11-27470 Module
Public Health Nutrition (03 26481) 03-26481 Module
Punt Project Students NO_MODULE_CODE_9508 Module
Research Design and Service Evaluation 03-36397 Module
Research methods & statistics for sport and exercise sciences 03-27378 Module
Research Methods and Skills in Sports Coaching 11-23927 Module
Research Skills for Team Science 03-36401 Module
Respiratory Control During Exercise 03-23653 Module
Science Communication 03-31146 Module
Sport and Mental Health 03-35285 Module
Sport and Performance Psychology 03-35289 Module
Sport and Physical Activity Policy 03-31148 Module
Sport Development (11 23864) 11-23864 Module
Sport Nutrition 03-20101 Module
Sport, Exercise and Health Psychology 03-32475 Module

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