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Name Code Type
Academic Skills for Nursing Students NO_MODULE_CODE_5673 Module
Acute Adult Nursing 02-29832 Module
Advanced Clinical Practice Research Project/Dissertation 02-32442 Module
Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Decision Making 02-28518 Module
Assessment, Frameworks and Interventions in Mental Health 02-29835 Module
Biological Sciences and Clinical Skills for Nurses 02-28715 Module
Care of the Critically Ill Adult 02-24143 Module
Children Staying Healthy 02-29843 Module
Children's Critical Care 02-24147 Module
Clinical Academic Careers NO_MODULE_CODE_3001 Module
Clinical Decision Making 02-33184 Module
Current Issues in Healthcare 02-21095 Module
Effective Practitioner 02-24145 Module
Essential Nursing Care 02-33181 Module
Evaluating Nursing Care in Adults 02-33190 Module
Evaluating Nursing Care in Children 02-33193 Module
Evidence Based Practice 02-28717 Module
Health and wellbeing 02-33182 Module
Leadership in Advanced Clinical Practice 02-28623 Module
Leading Nursing Practice 02-30148 Module
LH Mentor Preparation for Registered Nurses 02-28386 Module
LI Evaluating Nursing Care in Mental Health 02-33192 Module
LI Therapeutic Nursing in Adult Care 02-33185 Module
LI Therapeutic Nursing in Children's Care 02-33187 Module
LI Therapeutic Nursing in Mental Health Care 02-33186 Module
LM Clinical Health Assessment 02-29775 Module
LM Mentor Preparation for Registered Nurses 02-28388 Module
Long-term conditions (Adult) 02-29839 Module
Long-Term Conditions and Supportive Care for Children 02-24146 Module
Mixed Methods Research Design 02-24304 Module
MSc Advanced Practice in Healthcare (Global) NO_MODULE_CODE_592 Module
Older Adult Mental Health 02-21117 Module
Principles of Assessment in Adult Nursing 02-29841 Module
Principles of Childrens Nursing 02-29842 Module
Principles of Mental Health Nursing 02-29844 Module
Principles of Nursing 02-24124 Module
Principles of Nursing 02-33180 Module
Principles of palliative care for children and young people 02-31327 Module
Project Management and Research Governance 02-23786 Module
Promoting mental health recovery and well-being 02-24144 Module
Public Health: Children and Families 02-28718 Module
Quantitative Methods in Healthcare 02-29737 Module
Research in Professional Practice 02-29846 Module
Research Methods 02-24139 Module
Supportive and End of Life Care 02-28190 Module
Supportive Care for Adults 02-24142 Module
The Reflective Advanced Practitioner 02-32434 Module
Therapeutic Nursing in Mental Health Care NO_MODULE_CODE_8787 Module

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