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Advanced Simulated Clinical Procedures 01-24960 Module
Applications of Biomaterials 02-34148 Module
Biological Interactions with Dental Materials 01-30735 Module
Birmingham dental hygiene and therapy COU-8926 Course
BMedSc Biomaterials Dentistry COU-8898 Course
Cardiorespiratory Physiology: Linking Cells to the Environment 02-30091 Module
Dental Biomaterials 02-29556 Module
Dental Public Health and Behavioural Science 02-29724 Module
Digestive, Renal and Endocrine Systems 01-11803 Module
Distance MSc Restorative Dentistry - PT360C NO_MODULE_CODE_2593 Module
Emerging technologies 02-17987 Module
Introduction to Biochemistry and Cell Biology (Cells and Materials) 02-31411 Module
Introduction to Biomaterials 01-29558 Module
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences 01-00254 Module
Introduction to Tissue Engineering 02-31409 Module
Laboratory assessment of biomaterials 02-00457 Module
LC Anatomy for Biomaterials A 01-34470 Module
LC Anatomy for Biomaterials B 01-34472 Module
LC Design for Structural Applications - Biomaterials 04-34504 Module
LF Oral Biology, Microbiology and Immunology 03-36904 Module
LH Advanced Materials and Design for Manufacture 02-34144 Module
LH Human Diseases 01-36302 Module
LH Introduction to Clinical Practice 01-36304 Module
LI Foundations of Clinical Practice 02-36900 Module
LI Introduction to Bacteriology and Infections associated with Biomaterials 02-34164 Module
LM Advanced Clinical Practice 02-36311 Module
LM Endodontic Diagnosis and Vital Pulp Therapy 02-37641 Module
LM Integrated Paediatric Specialty Teaching 1 01-36307 Module
LM Integrated Paediatric Specialty Teaching 2 02-36313 Module
LM Intermediate Clinical Practice 01-36308 Module
LM Oral Pathology 02-24931 Module
LM Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine Specialty Teaching 1 01-36309 Module
LM Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine Specialty Teaching 2 02-36314 Module
LM Restorative Dentistry Specialty Teaching 3 02-36312 Module
Microscopy and analysis 02-14131 Module
Oral Health and Diabetes NO_MODULE_CODE_2367 Module
Orthopaedic Biomaterials I 02-29560 Module
Principles of biomechanics 03-20283 Module
Professionalism and the Foundations of Dental Practice 01-27233 Module
Public Health and Epidemiology 01-25519 Module
Research Project 02-00328 Module
Term 6 Modules: Conservative Dentistry COU-8933 Course
The Plaque Project NO_MODULE_CODE_789 Module
Wound Healing and the Immune Response 02-28390 Module

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MSc Dental Materials Science Academic Year 2022-2023 15/06/2022 15:36:03