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Advanced Structures and Design (04 25427 ) 04-25427 Module
Construction Management 04-16196 Module
Engineering Earthworks 04-28853 Module
Engineering Production in Construction 04-16200 Module
Financial Decision-Making 07-14508 Module
Foundation Engineering 04-26246 Module
Functional Ceramic Materials A: Energy and Communications NO_MODULE_CODE_5039 Module
Ground Investigation 04-27094 Module
Individual Research Project (04-16202) 04-16202 Module
Introduction to Financial Analysis (07 14505) 07-14505 Module
LC Integrated Design Project 1A 04-33246 Module
LC Integrated Design Project 1A 04-33283 Module
LC Integrated Design Project 1B 04-33282 Module
LH CFD and FEA (Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis) 04-31738 Module
LH Surface and Groundwater Hydrology 04-34300 Module
LH Water Engineering 3 04-29656 Module
LH Water Transmission and Treatment 04-34304 Module
LI Geotechnical Engineering 1 04-29651 Module
LI Structural Engineering 1 04-29654 Module
Ll Water Engineering 1 04-29655 Module
LM Advanced Topics in Railway Engineering 04-34507 Module
LM Infrastructure and Rolling Stock Systems 04-34514 Module
LM Materials Engineering 3 04-29659 Module
LM Railway Operations, Management and Planning 04-34513 Module
LM Railway Strategy, Safety and Control Systems 04-34740 Module
LM Synoptic Engineering 04-26927 Module
LM Systems Engineering and Railway Management 04-34605 Module
LM Water Engineering Management 04-29528 Module
Modelling Concepts and Tools ( 04 21830) 04-21830 Module
Pavement Engineering 04-25079 Module
Rail Infrastructure Engineering 04-26931 Module
Railway Landscapes: Context and Technology NO_MODULE_CODE_0777 Module
Railway Management and Control 04-31380 Module
Road Asset Management 04-17835 Module
Road Economics and Financing 04-25970 Module
Road Safety 04-25080 Module
Rolling Stock and Infrastructure Interactions 04-26310 Module
Seismic Engineering 04-26640 Module
Slopes and Retaining Structures 04-26247 Module
Soil mechanics 04-19733 Module
Structural Engineering 3 04-28465 Module
Structural Engineering Practice 04-26925 Module
Sustainable Construction 04-20470 Module
Terminology and Communication for Railways 04-29964 Module
Underground Construction 04-27098 Module
WHM Environmental Engineering 04-28609 Module

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Project Resources for Civil Engineers Academic Year 2021-2022 16/06/2021 08:31:49