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3P1 Research Projects 03-00611 Module
Case Studies in Chemistry 03-13875 Module
CH4M3-II Topics in Masters Physical Chemistry II 03-31205 Module
CHM1C3 - Organic Chemistry I 03-29221 Module
CHM2C1-A - Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Spectroscopy (03 21450) 03-21450 Module
CHM2C2-A Chemistry of the Elements 2: s- and p-Block and X-ray Diffraction 03-25025 Module
CHM2C3-A - Synthesis and Mechanism II (03 16743) 03-16743 Module
CHM2C3-B - Synthesis and Mechanism II (03 16742) 03-16742 Module
CHM2WS-B - Symmetry, Group Theory, and Vibrational Spectroscopy (03 21404) 03-21404 Module
CHM3A3-II - Solids, Surfaces and Catalysts (03 10856) 03-10856 Module
CHM3CO LH Year 3 Chemistry Options I 03-29899 Module
CHM3T1 Advanced Chemical Topics 03-10863 Module
CHM3T1 Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis NO_MODULE_CODE_11937 Module
CHM4LM-Metals in Action NO_MODULE_CODE_4593 Module
CHM4M1-I - Supramolecular Chemistry (03 20492) 03-20492 Module
CHM4M1-II - Materials Chemistry 03-24508 Module
CHM4M2-I - Total Synthesis of Natural Products (03 20494) 03-20494 Module
CHM4M3-I - Nanoparticles, Interfaces and Solids (03 20497) 03-28291 Module
CHM4M3-III Soft Matter 03-28081 Module
Exploring the Potential Energy Surface 03-10861 Module
Inorganic Chemistry CIE 03-20727 Module
Introductory Chemistry 03-24634 Module
Introductory Organic Chemistry 03-24637 Module
Kinetics NO_MODULE_CODE_9167 Module
LC Inorganic Chemistry I 03-29216 Module
LC Organic Chemistry 1a 03-33065 Module
LC Organic Chemistry 1b 03-33066 Module
Level 3 Chemistry Solid State Chemistry NO_MODULE_CODE_289 Module
LF Introductory Inorganic Chemistry 03-34680 Module
LF Introductory Inorganic Chemistry 03-35247 Module
LF Introductory Organic Chemistry 03-32918 Module
LH Inorganic Chemistry III 03-29889 Module
LH Inorganic Chemistry IIIa 03-33983 Module
LH Inorganic Chemistry IIIb 03-33987 Module
LH Organic Chemistry III 03-29891 Module
LH Organic Chemistry III NO_MODULE_CODE_3265 Module
LH Physical Chemistry III 03-29894 Module
LH Physical Chemistry IIIa 03-33669 Module
LH Physical Chemistry IIIb 03-33681 Module
LI Inorganic Chemistry IIa 03-33991 Module
LI Inorganic Chemistry IIb 03-34000 Module
LI LANS Physical Chemistry II 03-31155 Module
LI LANS Physical Chemistry IIa 03-33781 Module
LI LANS Physical Chemistry IIb 03-33792 Module
LI Organic Chemistry II 03-29890 Module
LI Organic Chemistry IIa 03-33077 Module
LI Organic Chemistry IIb 03-33078 Module
LI Physical Chemistry IIa 03-33688 Module
LI Physical Chemistry IIb 03-33698 Module
LI Practical Chemistry 2b 03-29897 Module
LI Year 2 Chemistry Options 03-29898 Module
LM Bio-inorganic Chemistry 03-28079 Module
Modern Methods for Molecular Synthesis (CHM4M2-III) NO_MODULE_CODE_1284 Module
Organic Chemistry CIE 03-20732 Module
Organic Spectroscopy 03-24640 Module
Physical Chemistry 03-24641 Module
Physical Chemistry CIE 03-20738 Module
Physical Chemistry I 03-10855 Module
Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Spectroscopy 03-21452 Module
The Periodic Table 03-24644 Module
Thermodynamics and Intermolecular Forces NO_MODULE_CODE_6731 Module

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