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Advanced Electrochemical Applications 04-26226 Module
Advanced Reaction Systems B 04-17137 Module
Advanced Reactors and Thermodynamics 04-33126 Module
Advanced Transport Processes 04-20545 Module
Bench to Market 04-18526 Module
Bioscience for Graduates from Other Scientific Disciplines 04-18520 Module
Bioseparations 04-19768 Module
Business and Strategy Development 04-31632 Module
Cell Factories 04-21317 Module
Chemical and Biochemical Processes (04 17043) 04-17043 Module
Chemical engineering thermodynamics 04-22992 Module
Chemical NanoEngineering 04-26512 Module
Chemistry and Materials 04-32471 Module
Chemistry for Engineers (03 17299) 03-17299 Module
Computing for design 04-17127 Module
Design and Development of Drug Delivery Systems 04-18527 Module
Design and Professional Skills 1 A+B (0417113; 0417114) 0417113-0417114 Module
Design and Professional Skills A and B (04 17113/ 04 17114 ) 04-17113 Module
Design Project (0417133) 04-17133 Module
Efficient use of Energy 04-32463 Module
Energy Economics 04-21169 Module
Energy Storage 04-32458 Module
Energy Systems Design 04-31266 Module
Energy Systems Modelling 04-31268 Module
Engineering of food 04-32469 Module
Environmental engineering and life cycle analysis 04-19559 Module
Fermentation and Cell Culture 04-26220 Module
Food and Microbes 04-26444 Module
Food Fraud 04-27439 Module
Food Microbiology 03-14426 Module
Food Safety and Control 03-22874 Module
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology 04-26222 Module
Industrial Project Management 04-23104 Module
Introduction to Healthcare Technologies 04-32465 Module
Introduction to Transport Phenomena (1ITP 04-29495 Module
Investigating Food Borne Outbreaks 04-29679 Module
LC Modelling Concepts and Tools 1 (MCT 1) 04-33565 Module
LC Modelling Concepts and Tools 2 (MCT 2) 04-33580 Module
LC Process Design and Analysis 1 04-33510 Module
LF Science and Engineering Skills 04-23619 Module
LI Food Technology 03-14431 Module
LI Reactors, Catalysis and Thermodynamics 04-32470 Module
LM Advanced Biomaterials for Healthcare Technologies 04-32446 Module
LM Advanced Controls 04-31167 Module
LM Advanced Energy Technology 04-31265 Module
LM Advanced Implementation and the Business Case 04-31168 Module
LM Advanced Planning and Financial Management 04-31166 Module
LM Advanced Therapeutic Medicine Products 04-32445 Module
LM Applied Synthetic Biology 04-32444 Module
LM Energy Systems and Policy 04-31267 Module
LM Food Processing and Manufacture ‎(Thermal Processing) 04-32832 Module
LM Food Safety Management Systems 04-32830 Module
LM Food Standards 04-31692 Module
LM Food Structure for Performance 04-29497 Module
LM Frontiers in Tissue Engineering 04-32433 Module
LM Future Engineering of Food 04-33110 Module
LM Industry 4.0 and Big Data 04-34534 Module
LM Introduction to Industrial Project Management 04-31163 Module
LM Major Project 04-23113 Module
LM Measurement, Sensors and Design of Experiments 04-34536 Module
LM Non Ideal Materials 04-34538 Module
LM Novel Food Processing 04-32831 Module
LM Planning and Control 04-31164 Module
LM Project Skills and Delivery 04-31165 Module
LM Renewable Energy Systems 04-31566 Module
Mass heat and momentum transport 04-17125 Module
Modelling Concepts and Tools ( 04 21830) 04-21830 Module
Multiphase Systems 04-23624 Module
Petrochemical Engineering 04-26504 Module
Plant design and manufacturing principles for (bio)pharmaceutical production 04-19771 Module
Plant Optimisation 04-26506 Module
Principles of Nutrition (04 27443) 04-27443 Module
Process Integration and Unit Operations 04-17126 Module
Process Systems 04-17123 Module
Process Systems 04-20490 Module
Processing for formulation 04-23627 Module
Product design exercise 04-17128 Module
Project Management (Business Strategy Delivery) 04-31634 Module
Reaction, Equilibria and Thermodynamics 04-29496 Module
Sustainable Process Engineering 04-31633 Module
Water and Health 04-29680 Module
Year 2 CertHe: Food Legislation NO_MODULE_CODE_9006 Module

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